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Detailing The Story Of Batman: Arkham Knight

The game director and lead script writer for Rocksteady’s next Batman game talk about the characters and storyline within their grand finale.

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  1. the joker cannot be replaced, period. Its just not the same. No other villian can replace or match him imo. Its ok to give other villains the great show, since 2 games had the joker included, but somehow it feels strange and empty without him.

  2. Arkham Knight suggestions:

    Jason Todd

    Ra's Al Ghul



    Or Hallucinations.

    The theory's set out standards very high. Rocksteady claims Arkham Knight is a new character. But, the facts they're not stating is it can be a new character to us but in the the process be one of the classics from either Asylum, City or Origins. I do have high hopes in this 4th installment, I do. A cameo flashback of The Joker would be much appreciated and would give a lot of the Arkham fans something they'd like to see (as in myself). Only thing I really would like mostly, is a killer storyline. City had one of the best story's. The plot, the twists the "OMG" & "WTF" moments was absolutely amazing. Especially when Tahila was murdered & then The Jokers death. 9/10 storyline. (My opinion)

  3. we cant live well with joker not being  in the arkham universe so Harley Quinn should have had a child or turn robin[tim drake] into a joker child like in that movie

  4. The time-span of these games is always during one night where something big is going to happen. I'd love to see a GTA-style Batman game where I'm stopping crimes on a daily basis

  5. I think the story here will be long because it took developers 4 years to make it arkham origins was just a game for us not to be bored without an arkham game for 4 years

  6. I have a feeling they would do the story a little different knowing the results of it now…They should have just had Arkham knight be red hood. And their wasn't no super-villain team up lol

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