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Batman: Arkham Knight Coverage Trailer – Game Informer

A teaser trailer for the month of exclusive coverage for Rocksteady’s next Batman game found at

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  1. Arkham City is one of my favorite games of all time, and I'm excited for this one. But a part of me wishes that Rocksteady would've worked on another IP.

  2. People. This IS NOT a yearly instalment. Geeze, do some research. They (rocksteady) have been hard at work on this game since the release of city. Wbm developed orgins as a fun expansion for the verse, that most gamers quite enjoy. Simply put, It gave us more "batmaning" to do while we wait for rocksteady to blow our minds out of our balls! ..or if there's ladies present, vagina.

  3. Why did they include that snippet of HEAVILY noise-filtered keyboard piano at the end? Not even worth it… sounded terrible. Heard more of the thumping of keys than anything else. Just as with Arkham Origins, I'll wait until this puppy's on sale on Steam and then make my move.

  4. If arkham knight going out for a bang what about ps3 and xbox 360 go out with a bang on those system. But gta 5 came to the ps3 and xbox 360 and its open world. And Rocksteady's can't do like what Rockstar did.

  5. Batman games are amazing but I really wish there was more focus on solving puzzles and crimes. It would also be nice to have a batcave where you can bring in evidence to be analyzed. And I think the biggest problem with the games is the writing, Arkham Asylum was the only good story. The rest are stupid and include way too many villans.

  6. So Arkham Knight is one of the main villains, I say Hush is involved with the Arkham Knight somehow like he created a Clone of Batman

  7. To people asking why this game won't come out on current gen consoles (ps3/xbox360) is because they can't handle it, the batmobile itself has so many megabytes that it ALONE can fit on to the xbox/ps3 as a stand alone game, JUST the batmobile, no environment or anything just the batmobile, and no they can't have a watered down game without having to create another one.

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