Alien: Isolation – Creating The Alien Trailer

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to create The Alien in Alien: Isolation.

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  1. What could make the game more then anything (aside of the alien of course) is the sound design. Just by seeing the gameplay demo a couple months ago I think the sound is what will truly make the game scary.
    It would be awesome to walk around those dark corridors and the game plays tricks making you think the xenomorph is lurking in the darkness ahead but really isn't.Even the looks and authenticity the game has showing so far will make me appreciate it since I am a big fan of the franchise.

  2. Every video for this game has the same comment, 'better not be like colonial marines.' Seriously people, if you're that worried about it being the same, don't get it. Move on already.

  3. I'm glad that someone's finally making a game more in tone with the original rather than the sequel. Not that there's anything wrong with Aliens, I'm just happy to see something that hasn't been done too much.

  4. You guys are so judgemental. Like, how can you tell if a game is "bad"? My best guess for an explanation is that you are all spoiled rich people that play all the "next gen" games. Back in the day (not implying I am old) Assassin's Creed 1 was the next gen. Now everybody thinks it sucks. Games are great by themselves. Just because game creators add things to it that weren't in the past ones doesn't mean you should jusst forget about them and treat them like trash. Mostly because, if it weren't for them, these next gen games wouldn't be here. So think about that when you play Advanced Warfare and treat the original like shit.

  5. the alien is awesome! i may not have the game but I'm a good drawer and i drew three alien drones one queen and predalien! they look awesome but now everyone thinks in creepy ._.

  6. "Even when the alien isn't on screen, you'll be terrified by the thought it'll be around the next corner. In this game, you'll never feel safe."
    Pretty accurate summary of what the game's like.

  7. One of the best games i've played, if not THE best. Absolutely fantastic on all aspects. Creative Assembly really made something unique.

  8. Great game, fantastic attention to detail. Truly amazing. But if there's a sequel, get the aliens legs right. The dinosaur thing isn't working for me. Stick with the Giger design throughout.

  9. I love this game so much, The only thing i hate so much is the alien, It doesn't look like the alien in the movie and it's more grey and it doesnt climb on walls or crawl. He act's totally the same as the big dude from outlast. Like. Come on! It's still a good game other than that.

  10. I applaud you, Creative Assembly, you made one of the best games in history, if not the best. I take my hat off. You deserved far more credits for this superb game, and far more sales.

  11. I’m so happy that Sega actually made a game I like to call my favorite video game ever. This is what a REAL horror game is supposed to be.

  12. Even though it was still effective, the alien was too heavy footed and growled wrong. The original one was silent and sleek till it unfolded like a ninja. The isolation and DLC alien had nervous twitches/clicks like a world war z zombie (this made it a touch tacky over the 1979 original). Still a great game though.

  13. The only nitpick I have about this alien, is that it doesn't make that strange whining sound that the original did.

    Maybe if they ever decide to offer DLC of the original alien, they would include it.

  14. I really like the game. But even on the hardest difficulty I found the alien to be very predictable and easy to outmaneuver. It's still very fun. But well at the end of the day it's a programmed foe.

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