6 Exciting Alternatives to Oculus Rift – Reality Check

Cam dips into the world of VR once more, but this time exploring everything that is NOT Oculus Rift!

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  1. I don't very much care for your calling of video game consoles "rubbish". While, yes, now both the major competitiors are charging for online use, that's for the current genereation. The Ps3 is still F2P online. Not only that, they are more convienient than PCs, because they don't have to download the millions of updates windows has to, not only that, you don't have to worry if your console is future proof, at least within that current generation. Though I digress. If anything, I mostly would play VR at home, which honestly sitting at my computer wouldn't make much of a difference. I wish there would be more for computers. I don't find the need for this flood of mobile VR headsets, because lets face it, unless you REALLY REALLY don't like wires, your going to find the mobile VR considerably less bang for your buck for many reasons. Not to mention, honestly, the rift seems like the better option to go with, being as its highest estimated price is 400$ compared to all the other VR headsets that cost AT LEAST 400 or more. Another thing to mention comparing the rift to competitors, rift is owned by a larger corperation that can put more research in VR than those tiny kickstarter companies can ever hope to do.

  2. It's been stated already the many uses this could have, how about google map type program? Pick a spot on the map and go there and see it 🙂

  3. I hate #4. I preordered mine, and it quickly got damaged. I tried emailing them about it but they had TERRIBLE first party support so I've had to turn to 3rd party solutions to fix the lenses so I can see through them properly.

  4. Vive, Vive, Vive, Vive, Vive and Vive. Room-scale is the only way to actually meet the definition of VR. The headset is half of the question and satisfies about 30% of the definition of VR. Having an actual real-world space mapped 1:1 to virtual space however, immersion levels skyrocket.

    The Vive is the only headset with a real virtual space solution. Oculus Touch is nice but isn't designed for 1:1 mapping.

  5. its like buying a gaming pc lol hahaha no i dont want to spend that much ill wait 10 years later because the technology is still new and need a lot of improvements

  6. Im so fed up with number 4! Easily Damaged and costs a fortune to repair! Whats more is the creator is unreachable! NO answers at all! although the field of view is the best in the market and im just annoyed and theres only one game! i think its called life? Amazing graphics but can be boring at times.

  7. SOny hmz it's not VR equipment that's quite different than rif. Sony is for watching movies and their quality destroys oculus (if only because you have the option to set hz fps 1/1) I have a sony, though it got a thunderbolt but I played a few years. The size of the ogre is such that concentrating the eyes on the upper corner of the tendon in the eyes hurts.

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