5 Games Harder Than Dark Souls – The Gist

The Souls series is notoriously challenging but Jess thinks she can rustle up five games that are even more difficult. Did your pick make the list?

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  1. I remember playing ninja gaiden at my cousins house when I was little. Couldnt understand why the fuq ut was dat hard. But still depends. Souls games could be as unforgiving aswell.

  2. Dark Souls was never made to be hard, it was made to make the playerd use all they could to surpass any challenge, the game does everything for you to be able to avoid an attack, heal, etc. So comparing Dark Souls to another game regarding its difficulty is kind of pointless and ridiculous because that makes it seem that Dark Souls is only a game about difficulty too.

  3. DS dificulty comes from clunky controls and cheap one hit kills.
    once you learn to deal with that you realize the games aren't that hard.

    they are still really fun tho, specially with meme builds, like Guts or Sanic.

  4. We actually still have contra on my moms old Nes and for her the game is essy, since she somehow remembers when and where all the enemies spawn and yeah😂😂

  5. The binding of Isaac is way harder than dark souls. It's start off easy but it gets harder everytime you unlock items and beat the game. The first time beating i was like this is easy but the more I played the harder it gets. Everytime you die you lose everything and start back a level 1 and beating it also makes you lose all items you have. Evey new game the map changes and item drops are random so you winning is up to RNG god's. My winning streak is 3 and lost is 900. So good luck and hope RNG Jesus is on your side because you're going to need it.

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