Thief vs. Dishonored: Superior Stealth Game Showdown

Which is better: Thief or Dishonored? Daniel Hindes dissects the stealth-action genre’s two biggest games to find out which comes out on top.

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  1. Theif still takes the title, though- in Dishonored, your goal isn't thievery at all. It's just an option. I love them both, but Thief will forever remain my favorite….

  2. В Тиф прям чувствуется, как город воняет смрадом и нечистой совестью, пропитан гнилью насквозь. В Дисонед чисто туристический красивый город.

  3. Probably going against popular opinion here, but I unironically had more fun playing Thief 2014 than I did with Dishonored. Since it emphasizes hiding in shadows , ghosting and avoiding combat a lot more than Dishonored, where you can just wipe out entire squads of goons. Both are still pretty shit as far as stealth games are concerned though.
    Honestly if you want a good modern stealth game, give both these games a miss and just play Styx or Gloomwood.

  4. 2020 here. And i dare to say, thief is actually a better game if you didnt compare it to dishonored. thief had its own style, and overshadowed by dishonored because its released almost at the same time.

  5. Dishonored is better than this teef game you are talking about, I played the original Thief games before so I know what comparisons we are talking about here,
    in terms of which game is a better stealth game, well its Dishonored hands down, but problem is that Dishonored and Teef made the requirement bar to be a stealth game so low that it merely requires the option of stealth in it unlike the inspiration they are trying to imitate or improve on.
    all in all those games are not stealth games nor do I think that teef 4* is a continuation of the Thief series, but if you were to ask which game does stealth better when in comparison to one another, than again its Dishonored, despite being an action slasher first and a possibly stealth game second.

  6. They are both shit when it comes to stealth, both have you rely on their batman vision because of their poor audio and both make you a wunderkind with the abilities you are granted so why even use stealth other than some arbitrary achievement.

  7. I had thief in 2014 and played it with pleasure, until I saw dishonored gameplay. Idk why I didn’t buy dishonored at the moment. So I was playing thief with thoughts like “Ah, it’s not that bad, it’s just like dishonored”

  8. The older thief games are a masterpiece. Even the thief 3(deadly shadows) was a great game, even thou they changed the game's mechanics completely, it still had a great story. I was completely disapointed with thief 4… they seemed to care more about the realism than everything else. I was so happy yo hear that my childhood game was being released again, and then… a very sentimental garrett, without stephen russel's voice… no hammerites, no pagans… it was a complete disaster…

  9. The only I point I disagree with here is the one about the first person immersion. In dishonored leave alone animation but corvo doesn't even have a body beyond his arms. No legs, no torso nothing. They clearly didn't wanted to spend time making animations out of combat. The game tries to make up for it by the head bobbing feature when running or climbing. But it was simply not enough. Dishonored is not the only first person game to do this but this is definitely annoying when a 2012 game does that. Also no, freedom of movement alone doesn't make an immersive first person game when you literally feel like a floating camera. And the animations don't even need to be perfect, just having a complete body and some simple animations would make the game much more immersive than it is. Trust me, I speak from experience, my Gta San Andreas with that first person mod feels more immersive than dishonored despite the dated graphics and 2004 animations which were not even meant for first person gameplay.

  10. Me a fan of any looking glass game: Please be Thief, please be thief

    Me seeing the comments before watching the video: why

    Its not the original series: Yeah, makes sense

  11. I mostly agree with this but the last comparison seemed very biased, I don't care what you tell me dishonored is NOT an immersive first person experience, you don't have a shadow, a torso, legs anything except the hands which aren't even animated out of combat and magic. I installed a first person mod in gta san andreas and seriously it feels more immersive than dishonored does.

  12. It’s hard to compare these games because thief is more of a stealth/looter game whereas dishonored is more stealth/shooter

  13. While Thief 4 was announced only a few years after the release of Thief: Deadly Shadows, much of the team quit for personal reasons. When the brothel level was being designed, many more of the designers complained that they felt "wrong" working on it, prompting them to quit as well. I think it's possible that Thief 4 was supposed to be "Dishonored" before Dishonored was, and that some members of the team that used to work on the project went to Bethesda and offered to give them the ideas that were originally intended for Thief 4, either to win the favor of their higher-ups, or possibly more casually.

  14. I love Thief. Never played the original games so I never had a bias towards it. Probably played it 15 times lol. I walked in GameStop to get a new copy of Thief and the guy at the counter was like.. Thief?? Really? Then told me to try Dishonored lol. I love Dishonored 1 & 2, they are amazing games, but I'll always love Thief more.

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