Thief – Review

At its best, Thief makes you feel like a devious outlaw. Sadly, such moments are too few.

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  1. Wait…how did this review explain giving it a 6? It's the bad AI and the loading that makes it bad? And there isn't really anything good? The main reason I'm drawn to the game is that it doesn't appear to have leveling up and Thief 1 and 2 are super good. As in, Thief 1 from 1998 I played in 2014 for the first time and it was better than 90% of the games released in 2014. And I think leveling up is stupid and I won't play any games that have it. Like the Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 look cool but they are all about leveling up and I want to play a game not work a virtual job. Anyone else feel me?

  2. The game has its flaws, but 6 is harsh. Anywhere between 7.5 to 8 is more appropriate. I actually liked it more than Dishonored, since Dishonored's stealth mechanics are downright broken. In Dishonored you can't get anywhere without that the blink ability, which is a testament to poor game design. In thief, you don't need teleportation to get around, and ghosting between guards is much more satisfying.

  3. Thanks for that. When I seen your review I needed to install it and it is a really awesome game. Thanks for the video men!!!

  4. Is the game pretty AF? It is.
    Does it run well? It does.
    Did it run well on 5 platforms? It does.
    Was the game affected by being on last-gen? Yes, tons of loading and small levels.
    Is the gameplay highly flexible and customisable? Yes. Difficulty, hints, gameplay mechanics, all tune-able.
    Upgrade system? Sort of. You can even replay missions once you got all upgrades.
    Is there exploration to be found, along with secrets? Yes
    Is there a horror level, as a Thief tradition? There is.
    Is the sound engine as awesome as the original trilogy? It's an absolute disaster, even more so than mainstream game that don't focus on sound, but it works I guess.
    Is the DLC worth 5 euros? Not at all. It's worth for 1, maybe 2 euros.
    Is the story good? Not particularly, but it's not awful either.
    Is the City itself interesting? Yes it is.
    Is the gameplay satisfying? Yes it is.

    The game is a solid 8.5 in my book.

  5. I'm a fan of the original two thief's way back in the day…Dark Project and Metal Age.

    With this…They focused so much on the game mechanics that they not only ruined the game mechanics but they sacrificed on scale/story/ambience.

    This is not a worthy reboot but a painfully bad attempt.

  6. Got this game, have yet to play it, looked up the review which brought me here,when i do play i will keep an eye to what the review said👍, but it does look good

  7. I'm getting ready to begin chapter 5,and from an honest opinion i don't get what some ppl are complaining about,probably my best game thus far on the ps3

  8. My problem with this is that in the prologue, the city is bumbling with life, tons of people walking around, full or stuff. But after that it’s a dark, empty place with only guards around.

  9. 1:11 – I haven't played this (which is why I'm watching this review now), but I hope the reviewer isn't suggesting that every game HAS TO have big end boss fights. Thief II was one of the best stealth games of all time, & it certainly wasn't necessary to have an end boss fight in that. I mean, it's a STEALTH game for crying out loud – not Zelda O.O.T. The satisfaction was in the completing of the levels themselves.

  10. The way the game ended, the weft and ebb of the story, the way the story was told. These factors played a disproportionate role in the critical reception of this game. An otherwise mechanically smart and technically decent game.

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