Thief – Launch Trailer

Thief emerges from the shadows next week.

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  1. Game looks awesome and I have it pre ordered for PC. My only gripe with the game so far, judging from the trailers and gameplay videos, is the color palette. Seriously, it's just grey, grey, and more grey. I get that this a Gothic Industrial Revolution and all, but I think some more color variety would make the game look more appealing to the eye. 

  2. This was my first game of 2014 and i have to say i enjoyed it really. its a game where u need silence, dark and a headset tahts when u get the most out of it. 

  3. Is this game scary at all? Would you consider this a horror game? I need to know, I'm a coward and I am debating whether or not to get it.

  4. I finished playing this a few hours ago. But seeing this trailer for the first time, I can't help but want to believe it's a movie trailer. The music, and how the dialogue is placed, and just everything is so movie-like. I love this game so much and I think a movie could be pulled off so well if done by the right people. WOOOOOHOOOOOO MAN THIS IS MY NEW OBSESSION.

  5. I deleted the game when it started to get scary. It was an epic experience till before that asylum mission. I won't installing it back ever again.

  6. This game is honestly a masterpiece. I absolutely love it to death. Even though getting Ghost for each level is nearly impossible if you don't have the patience of a god. Opportunist is pretty easy to get though as long as you avoid open combat.

  7. I was wondering if this game is good? I bought it back in 2015 on steam i could not play it with my shitty laptop so i had to refund it (i logged in the game for like 5 mins and i could not play with 13 fps) anyways now i have a better laptop i was wondering if its still worth it?

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