Thief – 101 Trailer (UK Trailer)

Get acquainted with Garrett, master thief, as he skulks along rooftops in search of truth and the odd prize.

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  1. Thief, including this new Thief here, isn't/won't be like Dishonored. I was skeptical at first but after going through all the material present on youtube up til now, my fears were greatly alleviated. Apparently fans will be able to turn off a lot of things in the menu as to play it like the older games. If it will feel thief, I will gladly overlook it's shortcomings.(like, if it will have smaller levels, the abundance of modern cutscenes which don't go well with Thief series, limited rope arrow use and others)

  2. *sigh people need to get that although dishonored was a great game, this is much less forgiving. See the title?? Thief. Do thieves want to be seen??? No. Guns blazing is not an option and this game is going to get bad reviews because people think that it is dishonored 2. ITS NOT!!!

  3. As Jamie Miller quoted. "Thief came before Dishonoured. Which he's correct, but Thief wasn't just before Dishonoured, but also decades before Assassin's Creed and Dishonoured." Thefore, Ubisoft used tactical movements in Assassin's Creed and not Thief, the other way around as some people are arguing about.

  4. 85% sold on this now. But if the critics slam it, I'll probably leave it awhile. I think it was at E3 they showed a demo, and it looked pretty dull. Now, though…

  5. What happend to showing plain gameplay instead of this dumb dramatic bullshit? You know a game will flop if they make it look 2 good with trailers and such. Sigh fucking game devs these days.

  6. And they wonder where Dishonored got it's themes from. While I see a lot of similarities they really are quiet different when you look below the surface. Thief is much more stealth based whereas Dishonored is like a smart combination of Thief, Bioshock, and Half-Life 2.

    Tbh this reboot feels like a highly advanced version of Deadly Shadows, so I can get the reasoning behind why fans of classic '98 Thief might be pissed. Sadly '98 doesn't sell anymore, but just as long as they can give me something authentic, I don't mind. I'm proud of the step the devs took in letting us old fans toggle off all the needless helpers and hud. Just for the fact they covered so much detail, and "play how you want to" aspects, I'm kinda pumped now.

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