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Super Replay – Illbleed – Episode 09

Join Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner, Tim Turi, Dan Ryckert, and Jeff Cork on the ninth episode of the Illbleed Super Replay.

Watch the full series here:

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  1. You guys miss the shotgun and didn't save jorg if you save him you get to be him. If u wanna be a baby in the last level lol keep up the good job I love watching your guys super replays!

  2. Yo! Super Replay cast! I absolutely love the Super Replay so far you guys are doing phenomenal. I just wanted to say It's a shame that you didn't save Jorg, as not only does he reveal who the killerman "truly is", but you also get Mr. Baby Face as a playable character! (Not that you'd use him over Eriko anyway, but It'd be good for a laugh.) Anyway, just wanted to add in my 2 cents. This next episode should be hysterical!

  3. "[her heartrate] is going up even when I'm dodging!"

    I've noticed this throughout the entire game, it seems that every time you dodge, your HR goes up just a little each time.  I'm guessing as a countermeasure to how broken the dodge is.

  4. Jorg is one of the hidden characters that you need to Rescue and the game doesn't tell you about it .therefore you need to rescue him to get the good ending

  5. I don't know about "terrified", but find me one person, ONE, in the world who genuinely enjoys clowns. Find me that guy, and I will find you a serial killer.

  6. This game is WAY more enjoyable to watch you guys play then almost everything you've done since Overblood. Overblood 2 has been the worst New Years one. 

  7. I think the blue areas are just one big area (like in every encounter in the game) but the floor is not even because of the heads are pushing out of the ground, interfering with the plain blue area.

  8. Gremlins is a horror-comedy film that was marketed as a Christmas film. Its no "Black Christmas" but it still terrifies children. The parts with Gizmo was adorable, but the other ones could be at scary.

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films gradually became more and more comedic. The first film was the best, but the third one had time-travel and ice-hockey playing samurai. Anyone need to say more?

  9. I don't like clowns because when I was little at the state fair a bunch of clowns decided to surround me and got way too close to my face, which made me cry for a good ten minutes. 

    But clowns aren't really what I'm afraid of. The only things I'm really afraid of are spiders and taxidermy. And deep, dark water. Not a fan of the ocean. 

  10. My friend Cat is DEATHLY afraid of clowns and is totally not playing it up. I've seen her in tears over them, her voice all shaky and quivery; she was genuinely terrified.

  11. The Drake Sword in Dark Souls sucks, its not even close to overpowered, because it doesn't scale at all. If anything you're a badass if you manage to get through the game with that piece of crap, because its so crap.

  12. The phrase "Great performance by Jack Nicholson" doesn't really hold a lot of weight when you realize that every performance by that guy is the exact same.

  13. To Jeff Cork — I saw Stephen King's IT when I was seven, The first time I was at Barnum and Bailey's(sp?) circus, my photo in the crow was me screaming with a red face with a clown with balloons next to me. After IT I had nightmares for the better part of my childhood and well into my early teen years. Clowns fucking terrify me. I can appreciate the standpoint of attention-seeking shit-mongers, but phobias are certainly real. There is a phobia for clowns…look it up. People(a surprising number of people actually) suffer from it. It's a real thing. I'm far more scared of clowns than I am of spiders or just about anything else…except Camel Spiders. <3

  14. That I can't tell whether or not killerman actually killing people and 100 people dying every day is part of the current movie attraction they're in or part of the framing device story either speaks to how good this story is at being a meta-narrative, or possible how bad.

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