Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Launch Trailer

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is now available in North America for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  1. I am so glad I didn't listen to all the haters. This series is by far my absolute FAVORITE of the FF franchise. I was so late on gaming, but this past year I caught up. Now, dialogue wasn't my favorite, but the game play and the overall plot was mind blowing. Such a feel good game with a strong non-whining protagonist. I'm sorry, but that is what killed Cloud for me. I liked his character and all, but oh my GAWD, please, stop whining!!! And Tidus from X was good – I liked the optimism of that game, but again, the whining… This is the first FF game I played that I was more interested in the protagonist than the villains and anti-heroes. In my opinion, I had the most fun with the gameplay in LR. It was still based on strategy, but it was fast-paced. My only complaint is after playing the game the second time around, it becomes far too easy.

  2. Can't we all just agree…that final fantasy 10-2 was the worst? Talkin bout XIII series, talkin bout FF7, but why can't we just band together and mutually agree that anything is better than 10-2, or for that matter 12?

  3. I really hope this is the last final fantasy 13 sequel. I'm really sick of seeing lightning when there are more interesting and fun characters in the final fantasy franchise. I am also waiting for kingdom hearts 3.

  4. Lightning Returns isn't the kind of game that I would enjoy. People who love this crap have poor taste in games. So far, FF hasn't been hold the candle to better rpgs like The Summoner.

  5. cant wait for FFXV dlc pack #1. includes Equilibrium (Lightning's Sword) and some other stuff. Lightning is best FF character by far imo. fuck overrated Cloud. thats why they remaking it in XV's engine xD

  6. I wouldnt mind if they make another FF game with FF13, FF13-2 battle system, just add Gambit system of FF12 so I can decide which action I could use. Or making it turn based by Stopping the Time or Battle for each characters, but still using ATB system just like FF10-2.

  7. people simply can't move on newer/different game entries since they keep comparing their favorite titles to others because of mechanics etc etc.. this series is good plain simple

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