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Life After Death: The History of Turtle Rock Studios

The developers behind Left 4 Dead and the upcoming Evolve talk about their time with Valve, the fall of THQ from the inside, and why they’re so excited to release their next game.

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  1. Inspires me to continue wanting to be a developer but I need so much work. Turtle rock looks so fun and cool to work in. Love this documentary !

  2. People sure are upset about the DLC, without DLC this game has everything it needs to keep you happy and entertained. 3 Monsters and 12 Hunters on 15 different maps. Honestly people its just DLC get over it

  3. Warframe's given me 1460 hours for about $20 optionally-paid bucks to look nicer and skip some grinding (only to sell back rare items to go get some other nice things.) Terraria's given me 1840 hours for $10 and modded gameplay wasn't even a huge percentage of that time. Skyrim's 1352 hours and it's still nice to look at. TF2's given me 2465 hours, bought the Orange Box (so I got Portal and Half Life 2 too) and having a premium account has given me numerous hats for my playtime. Starbound's given me 365 hours, no mods touched, early-access game.

    Magicite, Hotline Miami, Don't Starve, Crypt of the NecroDancer… hell even your Borderlands and Borderlands 2 games have given me over 100 hours each.

    Do I have to avoid your games too 2K?

  4. Evolve is awesome, I really loved the alpha and beta, but I don't want to buy a game with a business model like this. Left 4 Dead, especially the second one was loaded with content, Evolve just doesn't have enough to warrant a 50€ purchase. Evolve could have been perfect as a free to play game, as it was designed to be. Now it just feels like a free to play game I have to buy to play at all, which is a shame as the game itself is really fun. 

    – 1080p, 60fps
    – 50 characters, each have several unique skins
    – 46 levels + a level creator
    – 10 single player modes
    – 4 Multiplayer modes
    – 700+ trohpies to unlock
    – 10 Demos for NES and SNES games

    – 900p, 30fps
    – 3 classes, 3 monsters
    – 4 game modes
    – 12 maps

    Both are $60. One is on "next gen" platforms, the other is on 2005 hardware.

  6. I wanna support these guys but a multiplayer FPS is not the type of game I wanna play, a team that's so passionate and close as these guy should try to make something unique!

  7. turtle rock should have stayed dead so that someone else could have finished evolve cause greedy turtle rock and greedy 2k fucked it up. i'll never buy another one of turtle rock's games. i hope they go out of business.

  8. Evolve: LOVE THE GAME. I really hope it picks itself up in the future!!! (Price cut??) I think if Evolve was priced like CSGO this game would absolutely dominate.

  9. L4d was just the best game ever..why ? nervous competitive gameplay + special infected teamplay, i mean, FPS game like cs bf etc.. a team of ppl with gun shooting other ppl with guns is so fucking boring and repetitive.

    Special infected teamplay is what make the game unique as well as the survival teamplay and i think it's why they have failed with evolve…same boring coop mechanism…even the f2p won't save it.

    They should remove dome, reduce map size, add more original reliefs and increase stamina jetpack

  10. After Evolve didnt make it big due to reasons (i believe it's 2k's doing) they're now working on Back 4 Blood, A spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, with some elements of Evolve. It was announced in the game awards 2020 with a trailer and had alpha testing from 17-21 December. I believe in TRS because of their vision and I can only hope for the best. I am looking forward to Back 4 Blood and will support them.

    This is just an opinion of a TRS fan, hoping that B4B will be as impactul as the first two L4D.

  11. Watching this summer 2021: Turtle Rock is in the same place for Back 4 Blood as it was for Evolve when this was published: almost done but barely alive.

  12. Annnd now, we know for sure that Valve and the founder of Turtle Rock were the major factor for the success of Left4Dead… yes, i'm staring right at you Back4Blood O__O

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