Goat Simulator Needs To Happen – The Point

Danny explores how dumb games are often the most fun to play, and why we all need to make sure Goat Simulator is released.

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  1. If you like dumb games that are focused on fun, then why not do this video about the Ouya? It is the only place you are going to find Amazing Frog, or a game about Johnny Bravo punching hipsters in their face as you progress through your entire life, eventually riding an ATAT in space while punching hipsters in the face, or a game about Peter Molyneux  and David Bowie hugging, but not hugging too much.

    If you like dumb games that are good for a laugh, you give some dumb hipster rhetoric about the Ouya, like I am doing, right now.

  2. i thought Goat Sim looked good, then when  I finally installed it and realized it had  4 player freakin splt-screen it was upgraded to awesome. There's not enough of that in the industry anymore. Games like this and Gang Beasts should get more attention for being different instead of that cookie-cutter crap that's constantly forced down our gullets

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