Fable Anniversary – Review

Not every element of Fable Anniversary holds up against its contemporaries, but it’s an amusing and charming return to one of gaming’s most delightful worlds.

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  1. you can buy the original fable tlc on steam for less than €10 and it still runs flawlessly on newer systems (currently replaying it again) so why pay €55 for what is essentially a graphics upgrade? still like the look of it but they servilely overpriced it by expecting full retail price for what is essentially a 10 year old game

  2. I'm just happy they remade the game, but you know you will always have people bitch about the game & point out it's flaws. I mean, of course it's supposed to be a massive, much better game than it's 2005 counterpart. sarcasm

    Really, this was & still is to this day the best Fable they've ever made. I don't know what drugs they were taking when they made this but they should really do it again. Fable 2 wasn't horrible but it wasn't the best follow-up, Fable 3 just was a fail.

  3. Honestly, I prefer the original's graphics. When it runs smoothly on 1920×1080, it's really nice looking, it's not so dark as the remake.

  4. A lot of people complain about it, but to me the original fable will remain the best game in all of the fables. Im glade they made a remake ive playing for the past week and i didnt regret buying it they made some slight improvements but most importantly i feel like im playing the good old fable

  5. I still play the original Fable every now and then today, and I still love it. I still think it looks good. I have a feeling I'll love this version.

    The loading screens didn't bother me too much then, and still don't. I'm a patient person.

  6. I loved the original game on the 1st xbox & was looking forward to this re-imagining but I was instead left feeling disappointed! The worst thing about it is the horrific frame rate, even after installing the game on the hard drive it stutters regularly & seems to drop to around 20fps (maybe less) in some areas! It's unforgivable that a game which looks as basic as fable does runs so badly. Then there'svthe load times! The game is broken up into tiny areas which have to load which again takes too long! This was a forgivable problem in the original as they were limited by the consoles power but there is no excuse for the long & frequent load times here. it just looks like lionhead studios couldn't really be bothered to improve the original in any meaningful way & just thought a small improvement to the graphics would keep people happy! Just thought i'd let people know before they buy. Very lazy effort

  7. My only issue with this version based on observation alone is some of the faces look a little strange, though that could work seeing as more recent fable games seem to go for more caricatured styled characters.

  8. I don't understand how gamespot gave this game a 7. First of all the graphics are way too dark! The original has more brightness/colour/contrast. All is not here. How can you support this shit? There are other many games who deserved a higher score yet got a lower score from you. WTF? They shoudln't never ever allow it to be released in this state. I guess nobody cared so why should we do fans? Stop buying this shit! It's garbage. It's garbage

  9. I've always thought it's funny how short most of the characters are, haha.. Well then again back in those days people were much shorter.

  10. I never played the original, picked this up on the steam sale at 85% with all the DLC, less than $9.00. I wanted to try it out for awhile but didn't want to pay the $35 or whatever it was, I'm excited installing now.

  11. Isn't it the same game but with a graphic overhaul? He's talking about it as if it has completely changed.
    Fable wasn't ever an extremely hard game so I don't see why you needed to mention anniversary is an easy game… it's the same game…

  12. How has no one addressed the voice acting in this game? It's worse than nativity play standards. When the bandits come to attack the village the heros sister does not sound scared at all. It's more like a poor attempt at trying act scared. Even when the hero cried, it looked and sounded so off. With that aside though, great gameplay and the visuals on PC seem okay.

  13. remember that demon door who told you to have sex with prostitutes 8 times just to find out the reward was a stupid useless pimp hat and a empty coin purse? that's Fable

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