Evolve – Attack on Goliath Multiplayer Gameplay

4 players take on the insane beast that is the Goliath, but they get more than they bargained for.

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  1. It isn't just multiplayer, but that is the main part of the game.  It can be played in single player just like L4D, but the main purpose as in L4D is multiplayer co-op.  You can play with bots vs the monster or against bots as the monster for single player.

  2. this game looks insanely awesome, i hope just for fan service they add king kong and godzilla. that just be funny/ cool. but its totally not necessary 

  3. This monster didn't use charge ability…I hope they add one that can control a bunch of wild life to fight as its minion. Or a winged flying one. Camouflage super fast monster. Maybe a tanky monster with lots of aoe attacks.

  4. I know I'll get hate for this.. but I do think it looks kinda meh. That being said I can't wait until they release more info/videos. Maybe it was just the way the trailer was set up that gave off a boring vibe. Or maybe it's just me.

  5. I hope you get to choose what class we want to be, like everyone can be medics or all assault because it would be difficult if we would have to draw straws for who gets to be who :/

  6. u guys are wondering how the monster is taking so much damage. im wondering how those humans are surviving 5 smashes from a ten ton beast lol

  7. attack on goliath… goliath is another way of saying big… you know what another way of saying big is? TITAAAAAAAAAAAN evolve=attack on titan…. you heard it here first peeps

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