Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2.

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  1. This game is awesome. It has its flaws as some people mentioned, but the feel of playing like Dracula, and the action combined with the epic background music makes the game an incredible experience. Enemies are OK, and boss battles are great (especially the one against Victor Belmont). LOS 2 is really worthy, a game not to be missed, nor ignored.

  2. Save yourself some money and just play a God of War game.  Someone said I was wrong and challenged me to play the demo when I called it a cheap GoW knockoff before and so I did… and I have to say it was a real eye opener.  It made me realize that some people are really dumb and don't notice copy paste mechanics when they see them.  Aside from the way Dracula dodges… it plays exactly like GoW.  From whirling whips that act like the blades of chaos… to scaling giant arms while fighting off minions.  I'm not saying it's an awful game… but it's not 60 dollars good.  The last Castlevania game to be any good was Curse of Darkness… and nothing has lived up to Symphony of the Night on the PS1 (Circle of the Moon came close).  Why can't they make a good Castlevania game instead of just copy/pasting God of War.

  3. @equimosis1 alucard is draculus son but alucard is half human an that power he has alucard an Dracula is the dark powers an controller of souls shit I think but yah alucard got his powers like in hellsing from his father

  4. This game looks awesome!!!!! Can't wait for this game. I am happy that Satan has returned ^_^
    I looooooooooooooooove both God of war and castelvania, each of them has it's uniqueness.

  5. A message to all interested in this game: 
    I was in love with LoS, the game offered a deep story with great gameplay and graphics, it was the perfect castlevania reboot for me. Now, I'm playing this sequel, which i was waiting for almost 4 years, and i have to admit that i liked A LOT but not as much as the first one, if you liked the first one, you're going to like this one, but there is no questioning that this could have been a much, much better game. Mercurysteam dev team in general is not responsable for the response of this game, is it's director, Enric Alvarez, who now is being called a "tyrant" to work for… 

  6. this is one of the greatest games ive ever played!! It crushes god of war! I preordered this for PC and ive been playing it non stop since Feb 25th 2014 at noon! Great job Konami always liked your games and this game blew me away. thank you!

  7. i would easily say 8/10, if it would be without those awfull stealh sections which kills whole game, i am half way though and when those dumb stealh sections starts show up, like that with that                   SPOILERS pan brother,
    i dont want to continue game, even if i will somehow finish game i just dont want to relay, when other games i just love to replay after several months here, just NO
    it would be fine if they maded them right or being able just to skip like option to turn off qte which is nice thing

  8. i think why castlevania lords of shadow 1 was so much good and better than this game it's because mr hideo kojima the creator of metal gear solid series was the one who produce the castlevania lords of shadow 1 but now that mr.kojima is not going to produce the lords of shadow anymore this lords of shadow series has somewhat gone into crap because of this shitty spanish game director enric alvarez i mean this game castlevania lords of shadow 2 was actually very good game i'm not gonna lie i really like it the combat system was amazing and the boss battles too are fuckin' epic as hell but the stupid poor stealth and the ending itself are the only things that really ruins this game and it really disappoints me man oh well so much for the epic conclusion to the lords of shadow saga lol 

  9. The ending for this game was so disappointing.After all the build up to Satan's Arrival,All the Epic Boss Battles,YOU DON'T GET TO FIGHT SATAN HIMSELF.WHY?! That boss battle would have been just TOO EPIC!

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