Anatomy of the Kill-Cam – Sniper Elite 3

In their latest developer blog video, Rebellion takes us through the “Anatomy of the kill-cam”, a signature piece of the Sniper Elite franchise. We look at the updates in Sniper Elite 3, such as the new muscle and circulatory system layers, and get a sneak peak of the new vehicle…

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  1. looks like CSI or other forensic tv show that shows replays of what happened but in this as it's happening but still awesome. When it went behind an eye and out the back was sick now would this game have like a Zapper or Super Scope or Menacer  gun controller you could use it for training.

  2. The only thing that bothers me is when they say "with the power of the next gen consoles we can now do this or that" since the game is coming to PS3 and 360 and they will have the same kill cams just at a lower res, I don't see the point. Kind of a lie really.

  3. Huge fan of SniperElite V2 and was looking forward to this game but it honestly doesn't look that much better. The bullet cam goes threw them WAY to fast and the "3D blood" gets in the way and looks way to unrealistic. Disappointing.

  4. Also they went as far with the ogre and have testicles they should have added a dick that could be shot off. That would have been bad ass and funny as fuck

  5. посмотрел требованья удивился разрабы не забыли о 32 бит и слабых видео картах куплю сразу же 

  6. Now they just need to make it that all characters have those internal structures inside and trauma from getting shot opens up wound channels that without treatment lead to bleeding out. Would revolutionize shooters as a whole. Imagine a death match where afterwards you get to see it like a movie in xray following your character seeing how you killed them and/or how you were killed. Plus it would make body armor do more than just increase your total health until dead

  7. It looks amazingly detailed but isn't the bone shattering in the entry wound a bit exaggerated? Please, all those "300 confirmed kills ex Navy SEALs" to the rescue!

  8. How about adding fucking external damage, i mean you can shoot a dude's jaw off but when you go to him his eyes ain't even closed and theres just a small entry hole… At best

  9. Unfortunately i find the kill cams to be the same shit. Instead of adding two layers of ex rays what they should have done is. let the fragments blast in proper direction while the head or body snap accordingly. When the head snaps back the fragments and blood move with where the head goes. the same shit in max payne 3. They should have improved on this.  

  10. I once shot a man in the head in SE3, but for some reason it skipped the skull and only showed the muscle, and I was horrified until my uncle died, of testicular combustion

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