Why You Should Buy a 3DS in 2014

Nintendo’s hand-held juggernaut is just getting warmed up and has a killer year ahead of it. Is it time to get one if you haven’t already?

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  1. guys please help me here. should i get a new 3ds xl or get a wii u? I like 3ds cause its portable and has many games. But the wii u is bigger and more hd. Plus the new wii u games like mario kart 8 and the new legend of zelda look awesome. IDK WHICH ONE TO PICK

  2. Don't buy a 3DS right this moment though; a revision will be released in early 2015, with twin shoulder buttons and a second stick. Get that

  3. Wii U (for N exclusives, Virtual Console and Great local multiplayer) + Xbox One (For Xbox exclusives and the best online multiplayer) + Gaming PC (for AAA multiplatform games) + 3DSXL (for N portable exclusives, RPGs and e-shop retro games) + PSVita (for more RPGs, few of the good PS exclusives and a decent FIFA on the go) Now that's what I call the greatest COMBO for the current generation. The rest is history.

  4. DONT!!,wait until 2015 and get the new 3ds, don't spent 200 unnecessary dollars, that's alot of money to spend on something that will be outdated in less then a year

  5. Little protip for Nintendo – don't release many versions of your handheld which will confuse people so much as to not buy any for fear of making the wrong purchase.

  6. I could be mistaken but in regards to the Vita…why put the hardware out there if you really aren't planning on supporting it? There are good games but far and few between…

  7. I brought a 3DS today with pre-installed Luigi's Mansion 2, i brought Tomodachi Life, Super Smash Bros & The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. but i need to wait for Christmas. 🙁 BTW, any games that you could recommend?

  8. Even though i have a PC that can play any game, ps3 and xbox 360 i still bought the New 3DS XL.
    For anyone who is looking to get some great portable games or to just connect with the old Nintendo times the 3DS is really great and i really enjoy it.

  9. Should I get the New nintendo 3DS or a 3DS XL? Is it worth getting the New 3DS, whos last handheld console was the DS Lite? I dont know, I mean, I dont know how much I'll like the 3DS games, since I have never played any of the games before, and I dont wanna waste a lot of money on something I wont play. So whats your opinion or recomendation, New 3DS or 3DS XL?

  10. Streetpass is a very neat feature, which you can personalize your avatar and meet random friends on the go with Mii Plaza. Earning coins while walking outdoors or everywhere is a bonus that makes you try play random Mii games like a virtual arcade.

    If you're a collector, any limited version(Zelda/Pokemon/etc bundle) of 3DS is a good buy for you.

    But years has passed i haven't got a 3DS since.. thankfully this year 2016, now I finally bought a new 3DS one, so older 3DS didn't matter. It's just my hunch about "the right time" you want to buy the right system portable console everyone needs. New 3DS feels so much right in my hands.

  11. Can't wait to buy this in 2014 🙂

    Lol, seriously though, I got a 2DS for my birthday in 2014. I've been obsessed with the 3DS ever since 😀

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