The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Reveal Trailer

This in-game footage gives center stage to story with a revealing look into the world of this super hero sequel, as well as an ominous introduction to one of its central characters: Kraven the Hunter (aka Sergei Kravinoff).

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  1. Oh god, when will they ever make a GOOD Spiderman game? When will they ever put in the time and effort to make one that doesn't turn out to be a half assed piece of shit duplicate of its predecessor aimed at little kids.

  2. Idk… On one hand it's a spider game and the idea of kraken and spidey teaming up intrigues me… But on the other hand, it is a movie tie in game… And usually those a lazy cash grabs… Usually…

  3. if this turns out to be anything like the first Amazing Spider-Man, then being a huge spiderman fan, I'm gonna very, very disappointed.. again. 
    The spider man they created doesn't have the slightest resemblance to the spider man we know, and the gameplay is just boring. For the sake of not being disappointed again, I'm not holding my breath for this one.

  4. I'm wildly impressed by this trailer and web swinging actually looks fun but for the love of god, put infinite crimes and a variety of different ones.

  5. This was a pretty good trailer to it, although the game is awesome but it kinda sucked not having Gwen Stacy in it, or Venom. Nonetheless I liked the cutscenes, and the action to this game, also I loved the scenes with black cat in it, and Kraven the hunter as well it was an awesome game don't care what anyone says about it.

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