PlayStation Now Announced – CES 2014

Sony brings Gaikai streaming to PS4, TV’s, and tablets this summer, with a rental or subscription fee.

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  1. so is it Last of Us and games that come after that? or is it games before and after The Last of Us?

  2. Digital games have no intrinsic value. You are paying for nothing. And they act like you're getting a good deal, they only want to make money on anything and everything people take an interest in.

  3. So what about all the PS3 Titles that you closed the Servers down on, trying to save money( or whatever reason you did it for..) , are you going to bring all those titles back as well??? Hint: Socom Confrontation & Mag, And other Online ONLY titles you Shutdown….

  4. How fucking greedy Sony. Yeah good job make people pay for a subscription instead of just letting people buy the game. For fuck sake if Sony was that desperate to have a subscription service at least make people pay a shit tone of money on the store or have the choice to pay for a subscription that won't give you access to games after it's over. Greedy bastards

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