Final Fantasy X HD – Graphics Comparison

Check out the improvements from the original Final Fantasy X to the newly remastered Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD version.

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  1. now i know the stuttering was pretty normal. currently i play this game on the pcsx2 hat 8k res. tbh it looks nearly similar than the remasterd version.

  2. I didn't really get the chance to play the ps version. I just started with the remastered pc version and Tidus' eyes really looked weird to me, so I had to check the comparison. Well..lmao

  3. Their eyes and hair look awful in the HD version. The old version had a much more natural and pleasing look to the characters.

  4. This remaster obviously improved on a lot of things, but the softer edges and lines and everything on the faces made them so much more believable and expressive. Remaster makes it looks like a pretty plastic doll. But, hey, those backgrounds are pretty tight.

  5. I just bought the remaster on the switch without looking at this comparison, got five minutes into the game, and thought “ok, this looks pretty bad, but the original had to have been worse, right?” Nope, I think the original looks way better. At least the textures looked natural, and they had an excuse for having slightly choppy animation. The remaster has no excuse for looking as bad as it does. So mad that I can’t get a refund.

  6. not just the eyes. the HD remaster feels too "clean". sure, everything's sharper in the remaster, but the original's lower resolution felt smoother, or at least more appropriate with the animation. the colors/lighting give off a completely different feeling too. in the battle at the end, the colors are much more muted in the original and it gave off a dreary feeling (which i prefer); the remaster looks like youre playing with toys.

  7. I have to say the graphics may be "improved/touched up", but I prefer the old face model. The eyes are fine to me but the lip sync is off and even after not playing for over 12 years I immediately noticed that it wasn't even the same face for Tidus. It doesn't look bad per say, but he just looks like KH1 Sora but taller, older, and with blonde hair. Totally different person.

  8. I am playing remaster and think graphics are rotten, they shouldn't have bothered, wish I had played the original looks much better

  9. Os gráficos originais do PS2 ficam muito melhores nas TVs de tubo de até 480p, pode ver que nas TVs mais novas fica muito borrado, embaçado. A remasterização foi merecida e necessária para rodar bonito nas novas tecnologias. Ficou muito bonito esse jogo remasterizado

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