4 Reasons Video Games Make You Smarter – Reality Check

Could playing video games directly benefit your brain? Cam investigates in this week’s Reality Check.

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  1. HELLO! im from the year 9071, the temperature is a freezing 371 degreeses, i am a healthy 1,209 pounds, and i only drink 296 cans of soda a day, im like the skinniest person on the planet! 🙂

  2. i look at the brain like a muscle. work it out every day and it will get better over time. take breaks or dont work it out and it gets weak and less responsive. and video games are a type of exercise for the brain thats how i see it.

  3. Could League of Legends improve any functional aspect of a person? Just wondering, since I am installing it right now and am going to play it once the damn thing finishes.

  4. Really enjoyed this video. I just wish we had a list of games we should play to help our brains work better. Like the jewel game and the mario one. What other games help with what skills.

  5. Well, playing League for the last 4 years, taught me teamwork and leadership. But I believe that what videogames teaches us the most is language. Well, specially if english is not your first language, but even if it is, sometimes you come across some words that you haven't seen before and learn them from context, that you may or may not use them on your next Essay in your college.

  6. i was playing dragon ball fighter z. first time in a while i play a fighter game. mostly play fps gta or gt sport… but the amount of memorization needed to remember a combo seems overwhelming. when i first saw those 14 button combos, i thought yea im never gona remember this. then after 1 day and a half i got it memorized, made me think about my caclulus 3 class im in right now and how im struggling to remember certain formulas etc…made me realize that if i can easily remember all these dam buttons, i can easily remember all the formulas i need, even if it feels overwhelming . juet takes looking at it over and over the whole day. i feel fighting games boost your brain memorization etc.

  7. I'm hugely disillusioned with videogames and have found maybe only 4% of the ones I've played to be any good but beneficial effects are one of the few reasons I keep playing.

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