Sniper Elite III – Tobruk Trailer

Check out this trailer for Sniper Elite III which introduces players to the ancient city of Tobruk in Libya.

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    I've played Sniper Elite V2 and it, was, awesome. The bullet time, the carnage it shows when you hit an enemy and you can see their brain matter being blown out of their heads! I just…i need MOAR!!

    To bad V2's campaign was so short

  2. Why do you play as an American during one of most famous battles for Britain and the Commonwealth. Not to mention the Polish and Czech's who fought at Tobruk too. You'd think a British based games company would know it's history!

  3. Foreigners need to learn that the OSS was everywhere in WWII, just like the CIA in the Cold War (the OSS is the WWII precursor to the CIA)
    This game is fiction, but OSS operatives may have (it's pretty likely) operated in North Africa to assist the British.

  4. What I'm trying to say is that the OSS is operating in North Africa on their own vendetta and getting caught in the crossfire of the battle, possibly trying to gain intelligence on imminent German aggression towards the US. They're not winning the battle of Tobruk for the Brits by themselves.

  5. i hope they stay with the WW2 theme, could even make a WW1 game also, specially with the 100th anniversary of WW1 coming up,believe me, as a ww2 historian there is enough material in it to make 1000 different video games out of it,although i love call of duty and medal of honor the modern stuff just doesn't do it for me but ill take what i can get.

  6. Sniper elite 2 was one of the most unappreciated games. I never heard of it and bought it last year and I have got to say it was one of the best games I played in a while

  7. Europeans think Americans are taught how we are the saviors of the world. I was taught how we were kind of dicks and not listening to a thing George Washington said. Going into other people's countries thinking putting in Democracy, and thinking it's the greatest fucking thing in the world. 

  8. I would like parts in the game where you fight along side the britisch soldiers, like you must help them defend a town, in V2 you did not see any yanks! Only krauts and russians..

  9. wow this is pretty bad. British, Australian, NZ plus various other troops from the commonwealth fought at tobruk not americans. Deff wont be buying this game

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