Dead Trigger 2 – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Dead Trigger 2.

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  1. Guys well done.Yes it did come out a couple of months ago but,I'd you actually bothered to watch the full trailer before complaining this is the Mobile and tablet release! Some people…

  2. This game is good but it suffers from the loads of micro transactions just to get the good weapons but if you haven't played it just play It yourself and don't judge by the trailer cause it is good with the missions and rewards it gives you. Just thought I put that out there.

  3. Holy shit…. These guys are late, I downloaded the game months ago! And I haven't touched it since, it's ok…. But it's too easy and it's nothing exciting.

  4. Pretty awesome for a iOS and Android game. People who are saying it is for PS4 are just total dumb asses. Just look at the end of the video it says Available On App Store and Android! Fricken Xbox fanboys for sure.

  5. What I complain about this game is that upgrades and guns are wayyy to expensive in the first game I have all the guns even some premier guns and the most expensive gun was like 20000 bucks now a pistol costs 24000 but otherwise this game is cool

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