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Bungie and Paul McCartney: The Collaborative Music of Destiny

Bungie’s Marty O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori show off their new their compositions for Destiny and how their work process involves Sir Paul McCartney.

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  1. This may sound weird but i would like to see Paul Mccartney do the music for Zelda Wii U or an upcoming Nintendo game. Anybody agree?

  2. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Love this soundtrack! So fun to see the "behind the scenes." All the talk of modes took me back to my college days. What fun 🙂

  3. Marty needs to come back to the halo franchise now that he isn't with bungie… the halo franchise needs him!!!!!! Halo 4s music just wasn't the same 🙁 

  4. I really hope that Marty would go to 343 to compose more music for Halo, but I think Marty has decided to go and leave game-industry for good after Bungie fired him =(

  5. the beatles are completely overrated, but considering that paul mccartney collaborated with this blows my mind, every single one of destiny's tracks are amazing

  6. Martin O' Donnel & Michael Salvatori…….they're awesome¡, the most beautiful soundtracks that i EVER heard in my life; miss the old days with Master Chief and Cortana…and MOST EPIC MUSIC of all the videogames¡

  7. seein this…and the missed opportunity destiny had…makes me kinda sad 🙁 wish i could play THE Destiny version marty & joe had in mind 🙁

    EDIT: Oh my god, that concept art tho… 1:15…. damn you Bungivision!!!

    EDIT2: 3:49 #NeverforgetMOTS 🙁

  8. Vanilla destiny music is the best. It’s action-packed but emotional. No offence to Michael but his music is great but never brings the emotion through like Marty.

    It’s a shame music of the spheres was never officially released. The final edition is on YouTube as of 25.12.17 but it would’ve been great in game and would’ve definitely made destiny the best game of all time for me. Can’t beat halo reach

  9. how far this game has fallen…. from this.. true passion. now, just greed. the love is gone.. now its just how can we get more money, give less and act like we care..

  10. I hope whoever thought it was a good idea to fire marty was fired on the spot. Music of the spheres is in my opinion the greatest gaming music ive ever heard and so much more could have been made but nooope. Video game developing 101 bungie. Dont fire your freaking staff for no reason

  11. 343i, you got Joe Staten back. now bring Marty back too and you will have regained the Halo fandom's faith. old Bungie is dead, this is literally your best chance to solidify 343i by collaborating with the key members of the original team. DEW IT.

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