Batman: Arkham Origins – Initiation Trailer

Take a look at the Initiation Challenge Map Add-On for Batman: Arkham Origins which focuses on Bruce Wayne before he donned his cowl.

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  1. I was expecting playing HIS origins, being with HIM watching "The Mark of the Zorro", understanding how much HE loved his parents, sharing HIS pain in Crime Alley..

    ..Watching HIM growing apart from the other kids at school, understand HIS strong bond with Alfred and finally witness the exact moment when HE decides to start his journey to become the most symbolic fictional character of all time

    I would have purchase all the DLC then.

    There is only one chance to make an Origins story right and that chance is gone

    The Last of Us seriously broke me. Now I want a similar experience out of every game I play and I will probably never get it again 🙁

  2. The Best Batman game so far:
    1.Arkham Asylum (so far the best and Darkest game)
    2.Arkham City (different boss fights and a nice open world city)
    3.Arkham Origins (its not good as the previously games but its still fun to play)

  3. why the hell did they had to ripoff batman begins, japan or hong kong would've been a more suitable place thus adding some originality too the series. and dont get me started on that ninja holding a shot gun, that alone is discouraging me from purchasing this dlc.

  4. My, my. What a bunch of whining babies. I've been playing games for over two decades, and if you'd told me games would be even half as good to look at and play in that short space of time I'd have called you a liar. Wind your necks in and stop acting so bloody entitled.

  5. Wish Liam Neeson would come out and tutor Bruce here…..

    On another note, the background story was that training took place in a temple in North Korea. Is this true?

  6. Those of you complaining about how its not as good as arkham city, you guys do have the option of just fucking off.  If you don't have anything good to say, just don't say it, its that simple

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