Why Are Online Gamers Jerks? – Reality Check

Cam investigates the psychology behind being a jerk online. Why do we do it? Find out in this week’s Reality Check.

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  1. They're just a bunch of pussies that wouldn't dare say those things to your face. I just mute all the mics because it's a destraction for me. I'm not trying to be some MLG, I'm just trying to have fun and play the game.

  2. Adding webcam to every game would just escalate things. It's not like people don't get harassed for their appearance in real life.

  3. Talking smack is part of the game I'll usually say "good game" or something positive after shit talking someone for a bit and 80% of the time they'll say something positive back I do the same things with my friends at school its all a friendly act . If youre talking about the racist kids then youre 100% right and sometimes you do come across kids actually being a douche.

  4. I refuse to play online for this reason and i refuse to do any social media for this reason i was cyber bullied for having aspergers a form of autism i

  5. The game I've noticed (out of the games ive played) that is especially bad in the way of people being jerks has to be the COD series. Of course not everyone in it is really bad, ive just noticed its more prevalent in this game as opposed to the likes of per say Halo or Battlefield etc. Just my observation, kinda wondering if anyone else noticed the same.

  6. i was playing a game of league of legends and some one desided to say "if u played the game we qpuld win" and when i said a hole bumch of stuff that i was doing he qoute said after i had stoped playing "we need u please play" and i repeteivly saw us looseing he or she i asume genders sometimes said "this is an easy win join us" and it was not easy i died repeteivly we were batleing more experienced players and we were bound to loose so i agree with this the person clearly thought there actions tord me nore anyone else did not matter

  7. I swear I was bullied by the most idiotic person in the world, he said I was “harassing” Stephen Hawking because I knew the REAL definition of the word dumb and tried to explain it. Being smart makes people jealous I guess, what’s even sadder is they’re older than me.

  8. I am a jerk to the jerk(s), but also I am not a jerk to the people who do not treat me badly, it just depends how someone treats me.

    I am like a mirror.

    Treat me badly, and you will get jerked back.
    ( The jerks don't like me, because I jerk them back ).

    Treat me nice, and I will be nice to you.
    ( The nice ones / allies like me, because I am nice to them, and help them fight the jerks ).

  9. Honestly people who are jerks online or in a online game are aware of their behaviour, they need to grow tf up ! But unfortunately that’s never going to happen. Because people are just rude in general ??‍♀️

  10. Online gamers are cowards at heart. Most of them have pathetically sad lives so they vent their frustrations online. Here they are able to talk total bullshit with no repercussions or consequences. They hide behind their avatars. Sad, demented little people with no life.

  11. Me personally I'm old school and don't play games online except for Friday The 13th game. Other than that, people can be very rude and trolling. So usually what I do I turn my mic off and just mute annoying people.

  12. I absolutely can't STAND online games because people in them always aggravate me in one way or another like they're intentionally pushing buttons for the sake of being jerks as if that's what they get their kicks from.
    I'm a single player man since the 80's. Even the games I own that do offer co-op and multiplayer, I much rather enjoy my own company and do them solo.

  13. Yes, but what about the WOW plague where the majority of people tried to help other characters. Sure, some were jerks and tried to spread the plague, but others coordinated rescue efforts. There is hope for the world…of warcraft.

  14. It’s even worse when they’re a higher level in a game and they have the ability to kill you over and over and all you can is either run away or leave the game.

    It’s so fucking frustrating when I’m trying to level up and some asshat just comes along and just fucks with me the whole time. I just wanna have fun…

  15. I can't believe how many nasty jerks are on Age of Empires III, they're just aweful.. you'll be playing without any problems, on the same team, and they'll just start insulting you out of nowhere..

  16. Yes they are jerk and I click like his achievement gaming game score but they block me in Xbox because I am too friendly but the reasons is they are crazy in Xbox who have so many games beeing jerk to everybody lol

  17. Gaming make us smart none the truth reason is eye contact, keep on gaminf waste a lot time, never realized with others people inoccent, family, friends, and more, anger ,eyes violence, crime, no study or learn 50 % changes ,and more

  18. Minecraft is only make me less violent, and more experience in survival and sometimes I play mods, datapacks, add-on it willlwmer smart enough exp: more mining, create, crafting, explore, experience, and more this good adventure for us

  19. Sometimes I can try Hardcore with Modded or no modded in Minecraft and also amplified world hard-core is also fun with shaders and mods, datapack how long I can survil created, and every years with any version I likes it's also great

  20. Honestly, the best gamers, that always whoop me, are (almost) always verbally abusive. Especially those who join some kind of group, to exploit the game further than their skills, just to ruin a game for others.

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