Total War: ROME II – Perils of Empire

Blending commentary from noted historians with footage created using the Total War: ROME II engine, this documentary short takes a close look at one of the most devastating defeats the Roman Empire ever faced.

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  1. Nice Cinematic scenes… sad though, in reality, in-game it sucks. AA sucks. lighting is bad even at full settings. and still it comes with a painful price… lag

  2. Shogun Total War & Shogun 2 Total War are the greatest of the Total War series. Everything else fell short of it. This is no different. And here is just a suggestion, When are we going to get a Mongol Total War? Or Dynasty Total War?

  3. I really miss the Original Brandon Jones Gametrailers reviews. Professional, to the point, entertaining etc. Now all we have is GS and IGN with useless crap like this, reviewers who sound like amateur kids. No offense but nonsense like this useless its a freaking video game NO one will play this looking to learn anything.

  4. dude it takes me a whole day as rome to take over whole europe -_- and thats was on normal whit no mods But as i moved my Armies to the german border i got a Civil war and i lost all my Best Veterans legions to the Usurpers and i only got the Worst legions left >:C

  5. 2019 Trump Poking Iran For War.. And send 120,000 US Soldiers. If the War start. And if it Failed.. Trump will Bang His Head On White House.. Shouting.. " Jhon Bolton..! " Bring Back my Legion… ?

  6. Excelente trabajo
    Sería mejor que también hagan lo mismo con otras batallas y asedios de ciudades. Que sea modo historia, tipo documental.
    Los fanáticos de la historia universal se los agradecerá.

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