Super Mario 3D World – Review

Is there anything cuter than Mario in a cat suit? Mark finds out in this review of the sublime Super Mario 3D World.

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  1. The only god damn reason Mario 3d world got a better score than dk country tropical freeze is because this game is easy. It's not fair at all,I have nothing against Mario 3d world but gamespot gave dk country tropical freeze a 6 because it was to god damn hard well up yours gamespot you lost all credibility!!

  2. While SMG is amazing, there is something to be said for regular controller support in a 3D platformer.

    This game will be much easier to revisit in the future when all the motion controls and sensors die along with their proprietary connectors.

    Future generations of emulators or backward compatibility should have this game covered.

  3. When I first played this game I thought it was amazing.

    However I go back to it, and I think it's just good, that's it, it feels soulless sometimes, and way too easy: 7.5/10

    However the multiplayer brought so many great times so I bumped up my score to 8.3/10

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