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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Trailer – Game Informer Coverage

Watch this coverage trailer to get a glimpse of the full month of exclusive content for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that can be found at

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  1. It will most likely just be some shitty 3 hour game with multiplayer being the main focus because thats the way games have went all because of stupid call of duty

  2. I would've preferred a Skyrim type game that includes all of middle earth, but that would've taken forever to make, maybe make it make it like assassins creed three and have like, "gateways to the other countries

  3. For this game to span over all of Middle- Earth, the world will have to be scaled IMMENSELY down. It took Frodo almost 2 years to get to Mordor on foot from the Shire, do you guys have 2 years to get from 1 quest to another? I know that that is impossible, but nonetheless, this game would have to wait for the next-gen for a game to span all over Middle-Earth

  4. Maybe a Witcher/Skyrim gameplay would've been a lot better (Imo). Hopefully we get to see a game where it can follow the story with side quests and such open world of course. When i saw the batman like gameplay it put me off a bit but since im a die hard fan or Lotr in general i will pick it up. 

  5. Not really sure how the plots gonna turn out…its between the timelines of the hobbit n lotr rite ? N saurons the main target ? So we fail in our mission n end up as nazgûl chow ? Or worse, becum one of the Nine ?

  6. i watched the gameplay …this game to me is assassin creed gameplay with different story and graphics it seems perfect game and it can challenge assassin creed on the top if it made more parts 🙂 and thanks for the nice game 

  7. as a Tolkien fan, I am not sure if I am excited about this yet. I love games, but there are a lot of games out there that are in middle earth and they do not do Tolkien justice. I do love the idea of the player deciding the character's path, ranger or wraith… I guess I'm going to have to wait to see if this is any good! 

  8. This game wasn't on my radar, but after seeing so many great reviews and praise for it I ended up day 1 buying this game.
    I have to say this is one of the best & most fun games this year if not even the best.
    I have never been a LOTR fan but this game is so insanely fun.
    The only thing I think they couldve done better is maybe some actual cities with npcs & stuff + an online co op mode.

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