Forza Motorsport 5 – Review

We take Forza Motorsport 5 for a hot lap to see if this next-gen racer delights.

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  1. I've been Playstation person all my life, but I have to say after playing Forza 4, Horizon and watching this review, I am very disappointed with Gran Tursimo. GT6 lacks exactly what Forza has, mans love for machine… rather than trying to be the worlds most realistic driving simulator… with of half of the cars being Japanese… and shite…

  2. Still can't believe T10 decided to put their time and effort into vastly expanding the AutoVista feature to every car at the expense of creating probably the most heavily reduced car count of a racing game successor ever. Besides graphics, Forza 4 is honestly much better… Then there's the missing tracks, oh Lord don't get me started lol…

  3. I hate people u people find any and every thing to complain about every game review I am on there more people complaining about the game then people that like it. Stop complaining. We are lucky to live in such a time of entertainment u people are lucky u were not born in the 40 50 then u could be complaining about being bored.. Just injoy the games

  4. What is the sound of the cars like? Are there weather effects, if so tell me more? Car damage? My fave part of GT etc is watching the replays, GT despite all its faults always gets these right, where as Grid always falls short for example. These are things I would like to know, as since f&~king drive club landed (and on it's arse), and as there are no decent racers for the PS4. I am seriously considering an xbone now, you know once that creepy HAL 9000 eye thingy is not sold as default.

  5. How does it come, that none review is mentioning the fucking dumbass micropayments in the game? This ruins the complete experience! I mean who the fuck is going to pay 70 real world bucks for a f1 car? Or 50 bucks for some packages that should have been in the game right from the launch!

  6. I love my ps4, but there are no good race games drive club is a stupid game. After looking at this review i'm sure. I'm going to buy a xbox one. Forza looks so good, and the handling of the cars just great.

  7. Speaking of Ps4, I sold mine today and bought a Xbox One instead. The reasons are many. But mostly due to the PSN network being sooooo slow sometimes. And it feels kinda buggy. It was really snappy and fast the first few months but now I really can't stand it any more. Last week my PS4 frozen up 3-4 times during long sessions ( ps4 is good ventilated ) and I´ve just had it. Setting up my X1 now and downloading this game!! 😀 

  8. If only Gran Turismo was given the same amount of love Forza had. And Turn 10, stareing at the sun over and over at the same corner takes a toll on our eyes.

  9. I believe that GT6 beats Forza 5, but they are both quality racing simulators… but that's just because it was £65 at launch and I'm a PlayStation fan… so this has a touch of bias.

    Also, at the start, the track is near Mount Panorama but it is actually called Bathurst after the races they hold there.

  10. Also, no strange Japanese drum and bass, rock and jazz music (although I prefer that personally, and I respect your opinions)

    GT6 on PS3 has 1250 and rising cars
    Forza 5 on Xbox One has 200


  11. Still LOVING this game today and all the addition DLC that came out after its launch just fleshes out the game even more. It runs great on the Xbox One X BTW 🙂

  12. Game play is awesome. Soundtrack is pure shit. I cant stand that 007 overhyped tone. It's more annoying than exciting or motivational.

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