Flower – Review (PS4)

Get ready for some next-generation petals, as Kevin revisits Flower on the PlayStation 4.

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  1. I'm a big fps player and tog fan but I had been stressed out for weeks over work, bills, and life. I recently bought a ps4 from a friend with this game on it and was brought to tears by its vibrant colors and imagery. Like a lot of people in the comments said this game is a great stress relief but it also shows some great messages.
    It's a great game and the creators should be proud.

  2. I had to drink a lot of beer for this game to make any sense whatsoever. I'm pretty opened minded about avant-garde games, experimentation, etc, but I don't see why this game garners such wildly enthusiastic praise.

  3. What is fucking wrong with people!? This is art!! I am a gamer but I cannot, unfortunately, categorize myself as one! Gamers seem to be dumb somehow!!

  4. Games like this are for people with busy lives, who don't want to grind for xp and make a hobby out of meaningless scores and leaderboards. This is a piece of art for people who just want a nice experience to take them on brief and beautiful journey. Abzu is another great one.

  5. Does anyone remember a game on switch (i think) and it had vibrant or neon colors and you had to get to the top of the mountain and there were portals and stuff. Also iI'm pretty sure it was in first person and I think it's a zen game like Flower. Also it might have the genre of open world.

  6. Honestly this game had such a deep meaning and it could mean something different for anyone this was something that brought me happiness as a kid

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