5 Things You Might Not Know About the XBOX One – Ask GameSpot

We answer your questions about Microsoft’s just launched console and hopefully educate you in the process about something you may not have known about the XBOX One.

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  1. I have one things to straighten up after reading these comments… These consoles are for people 18+, and if you little kids who are chanting about the ps4 are playing these games, then you better go off to Nintendo, where there are games made for your ages and you should enjoy Nintendo! The Xbox one and ps4 are mad for adults not you. Anyways majority of the adults choose Xbox one as they're consoles, so if you go on ps network, you will hear a bunch of little kids chanting like they are Youtubers or something… So I'm saying that kids should play Nintendo, and adults should play Xbox. These games aren't made for you!

  2. Guys stop being ps4 fanboys you realize anyone can choose the consol they I saw someone say in the comments that they want to try the xbox one and guess what a fucking person said this "no choose ps4 its better" like wtf? let them choose for themself and they can choose ps4 if they want if I see someone say I think I am going to do ps4 I wont say buy xbox one it's better now all you ps4 fanboys fuck off ffs.

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