WWE 2K14 – Review

Tom jumps into the ring to find out if WWE 2K14 is more than a nostalgia elbow drop and can deliver on solid wrestling gameplay.

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  1. Sorry but who else thinks these guys are idiots that dont know how to rate games? this game was far better than the other wwe games what with the improved ai,30 years of wrestlemania, the streak mode,superstar heads,in game character audio, a way better universe mode with the ability to set rivalry's the gameplay is a lot smoother of course it has faults but its a wrestling game its an enjoyable experience its not meant to be a god of games..

  2. I havent played the game. But even I know that this is not how to do a review! He didn't touch the story, the creative mode, online (if any) graphics. I get it the game sucks. At least fill out your review with information.

  3. Gamespot is the truth. Everytime they get a review right and give a game a low score, then IGN counters them with a higher score just so they can get more viewers on their channel. SO F YOU BITCHES!!!

  4. Wwe games use to be entertaining to me a few years back. Now its getting stale to me, can they please work on the combat system a little more instead of trying to cram all these new modes in first.

  5. Setting the crowds to have random animations instead of there being 4-5 clones doing the same animation in sync would help it a lot for me. WWE 13 had more random crowds in the first rows but had the clones at the back, they're at the front in 2k14 for some god awful reason.

  6. Yea it is not, it is entirely the same as WWE 13, only with another story and maybe 1-2 added moves, and you just heard that from a hard wwe player that followed it for 8 years, until now.

  7. So I don't get his problem with the reversal system saying it's too reliant. like how does he want it, like unrealistic blocking that they don't actually do? Just because you may suck at an aspect doesn't make it bad, the reversals want you to master it to be good. I think the gameplay's more fluid than ever

  8. So a man who just claimed he is no longer a wwe fan is doing a review of a wwe game? I hate baseball. If I ever review a baseball game I'll give it a 6 as well. An unbiased reviewer or maybe a WWE fan would have been a better choice to do this review. After all, only fans will be purchasing the game so a fan should review it IMO

  9. Im a wrestling fan for about (10 years) and i love wrestling games …. but this one is an improvement (like an update for wwe12) .the wwe 30 y of wrestlemania is not bad but i think last year (attitude era) was better beacause you fight before the mains events (so you coud knwo all the history) this year it goes too much fast ……… althought not a bad game but not worth 60 euros

  10. No it's not perfect, But I love the game myself an all of the attires you can unlock is pretty sweet. I think it at least deserves an 8.0.

  11. Online is shocking on this game , spammers or someone with a created superstar with max stats and every known finisher as a normal move + just starting online being put up against people with very high ranks is very unfair , other than that fun to play with friends 🙂 

  12. I love this game it actually got me into wrestling again , I'm not gonna sit here and rage over a 6 Rating i may not agree with it but i respect gamespots opinion it doesn't make me like the game any less though .

  13. So for 2minutes of the review you was talking about how awesome it was but then you spend little time on its falls & you give it a 6?!!WTF

  14. @Scott Nun You are absolutely right….I spent an hr looking for a story mode…I found nothing…I'm like the hell with these old matches…I mean it's a cool additive but I can't grab a character and just jump into matches???….that shit pissed me off…so Lame….and all that creating stuff takes days….to to intricate…I agree with you 100%

  15. Bad review no universe,creation,online mode
    Didn't notice the change in reversal system,new walking and running animations,the faster gameplay,rivalries & ect
    He only mentioned 30 Years Of WrestleMania & How he thought it DOSENT look real with 99% disagree With IGN,SportsGamerShow, & the sports courier had better reviews
    And didn't this guy said he hasn't played WWE 12 & 13 ummmm
    What a joke

  16. All he did was kiss this games ass I think it's a good game but not perfect like he described it and for people that aren't old school fans like him it might not leave the same impression like the kids may not now who many of the old superstars are

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