What happened to Assassin's Creed? – The Point

Danny wonders how one of this generation’s most beloved franchises went from historical fan favourite to apathetic pirating simulator.

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  1. AC1 and black flag are my all time favorites. while BF isnt as much of the assassins creed feel, it is definitely the best pirate game to date.

  2. I for one am glad they made black flag, it was a nice addition to the experience and gave us a nice change of pace while still building on the story. I don't look at it as diverging, think about it this way, if the Templars and assassins are so widespread all over the world and in all aspects of life why wouldn't we want to include those traits in them? Not every assassin will be a revenge driven fighter like ezio, or a born to the cause killer like Altair. I think what this needs to be fresh is to drop the Templar part, move away from the standard assassin Templar fight and focus on another conflict, and maybe move backwards to the establishment of the assassins. Maybe they were born in Egypt and they're origin was to help slaves and evolved into taking out regimes that threatened the wellbeing of the people like say a Pharaoh that wants to enslave villages. That's just an example but I think what it needs to get out of this copy and paste rut is a change in the underlying story. I don't think fans would be to upset if they decided to have a game that doesn't follow suit, looks to me like that's exactly what they want. Either way it seems to me like the biggest change we need is the foundation of what we start with, the assassin Templar story seems so played out and knowing that they're supposed to be a very old society maybe we need to go back to the beginning, even before the assassins. Maybe they started as something else entirely and it ended up being a select few that broke off and formed it themselves, ANYTHING new would be interesting

  3. Now looking back you realize how many bullcrap this video says. The fact that there is a present day story and everything was connected somehow was exactly the reason why for many of us these games were so great. Then they took that element out and the games turned even worse even according to numbers. So no, that wasn't the reason for Assassin's Creed's downfall.

  4. AC Revelations copy and paste??????
    It had a new game engine, it was rebuild from the ground and has the best, most epic and emotional ending of all the AC games.
    Your video is shit.

  5. I'm sorry to disagree with you, but those who say devs should not tell players what to do are also the ones who struggle to progress through the recent games that don't tell you what to do.

    It's simply like this… during the era when games didn't tell you wgat to do, you actions didn't have much variety. For example: in most classic retro titles, all you could do was move left and right, jump, climb and shoot. All you had to do was go from left to right (in most cases).

    But since these games are visually more realistic but not as much interactive (i.e. you can't touch or make use of everything that looks realistic), the devs give you guidance so you don't waste your time thinking of other real life possible ways not applicable to the game.

    Another point is: In the games of classic era, you knew you had to go to right to progress. But in a big open world game, not telling you where to go next will mean you're gonna have to literally go everywhere to make sure you reached your next objective.

    Even AC III had this problem. In the final brawler challenge, the location was not given (probably due to bug). I wasted hella time looking for the place. Then finally I had to search internet to find the exact location.

  6. I love the Assassin's Creed series. But the recent titles, such as the AC Odyssey let the franchise down. My expectation for the next installment is not too high at all.

  7. Assassins Creed III actually was the first assassins creed game ive ever played and but Assassins Creed Rogue really pulled me into the assassins creed games Rogue is the best i absolutely love it so then i waited for a Ubisoft sale and got myself the first game and i could really tell there was more love put into that game then the others and i remember there were fanbases so i asked myself what happened to assassins creed

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