Titanfall – Angel City Gameplay Trailer

Take a a look at Titanfall’s fast-paced, vertical combat with this Angel City cinematic multiplayer gameplay trailer.

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  1. Okay ladies and gents if you look close enough at the killed players' names you can see the exact man who's screwing this game up make an appearance, what a turn of events in just a few years

  2. till this day it's still one of the most dynamic fps out there, the 3D battlefield is really amazing even in 2021 standards

  3. 2021 and I still haven’t forgotten this game, This game will always be perfect.

    Titanfall 2 was good but the first titanfall game will always be the best.

  4. Whilst the first Titanfall game was by no means without flaws, it is still one of the most competent and downright enjoyable FPS's I've played in the last decade
    And in all honesty, I loved the concept of an online campaign that changes depending on who wins games (granted it could have been implemented better) it still created this feeling that you're exploits in-game meant something, and I personally feel TF2 could have benefited heavily (maybe something with the various factions)
    These missions just created so many unforgettable moments. From the militia's encounter with spectres in that small village, the titans battle that occured right at the start of angle city (that even had different dialogue depending on who won (and how the two titans always had pilots dancing around them) and don't even get me started on the start of the Demeter mission either being dropped in as IMC or crashing/being flung from a blackbird only to make a desperate push up towards a well defended wall (something I fell TF2 perfectly captured with "trial by fire"
    If the Devs combined aspects of this TF1 (like the option of first person executions and embark animations, and this kind of online mode, with similar breath taking set pieces) with parts of TF2 (solo campaign, more pilot customisations and class based titans (as in my opinion they helped prevent a solid meta forming)
    We could have a near to, if not perfect FPS on our hands!

  5. Never played the second one but got a good few hours into the first game. From what i've seen the titans in the second game feel so easy to destroy. IN the first one you actually fel tlike you were in a walking tank that could take a beating. From videos i've seen from the second game the titans durability is like a wet towel compared to the first game

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