SMITE – God Reveal: Sun Wukong, The Monkey King

Take a look at the new God, Sun Wukong, The Monkey King.

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  1. Umm. What happened to the sun wukong that had an ultimate which made gods run and flee crazily? Sorry. I haven't played this since the closed beta

  2. Buddha beat Sun Wukong and imprisoned him under the mountain this misinformation is ridiculous. Buddha also made him do the Journey to the West as penance and he became less demonic the more he hung with the Monk. He got his crown from the Heavenly Kingdom in the Jade Palace for eating peaches that made him Immortal and golden pills of immortality. So they made the crown to control him the crown is much older than the Journey to the West. I can't believe somebody made a video giving misleading and false information about Sun Wukong people should do their own research and read to the fullest on Sun Wukong before to come into a determination don't go by this video

  3. Hi-Rez might want to correct the part where it says “finally ascended to heaven and gained immortality”.

    Sun Wukong previously ascended to heaven twice and had already gained immortality in five different ways long before gaining Buddhahood.

    He was already one of the most if not the most overpowered spirit in folklore.

  4. In the Beginning Sun Wukong Title was "The Handsome Monkey king from mount Huago"??

    after reach the heaven,He change the title "The Great Sage equal of Heaven"

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