Ryse: Son of Rome – Damocles Trailer

Take a look at the legend of Damocles, a Roman centurion who was betrayed and murdered at the hands of corrupt Roman generals, and then returns from the underworld to seek vengeance.

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  1. You know something funny the name Damocles I looked it up its actually Greek and I know from the very beginning when Rome was gaining Ground of its empire most early generals or centurions were of Greek decent. Most of these were greeks from what was left of Magna Greciea or as we know it today (Greeks in Ancient Italy). The reason for this was the men were good at leading Armies and Greeks had Coordination on the battle field which would also be the reason Rome also forgot in a phalanx in the very beginning and then in a legionary phalanx later on. And Rome also needed to build there empire and army so its very possible that Damocles was a Greek Centurion General. I also noticed the army that killed him was holding large circular shields much like Greeks would like a Phalanx this army was proberly Carthaginian or some other Greek army. Which is why I believe he was a Greek General for Rome as many Greek Generals were forced to an alliance with Rome and had to kill there own kind for the sake of the empire and there lives and familes. It would also make sense why he came back to kill the generals who abandoned him when he had sworn aligence and even after he had probably killed his own kind. think about it his name the time and history it all fits.

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