NBA 2K14 Preview: The next-generation of basketball is a lot like the last one (PS4 Gameplay)

Tom is dazzled by the impressive visuals in NBA 2K14, but doesn’t feel the improvements he hoped for on the PlayStation 4.

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  1. You bball fans are not alone. My complains are the same with PES and FIFA. It seems as if they did the last motion capture when the last Gen started. Graphics show no real improvement and they keep selling the idea of better AI and physics with each year's edition.

  2. Also remember most games that have new gens coming with it isn't gonna be as good. 2k15 is gonna be the game that opens eyes, just like the other ones after the next gen

  3. I'm not sure why people are so surprised that sports games seem to feel the same on next gen as they do on current gen. The sport doesn't change so why would the gameplay? The only thing that will be massively different will be the quality of the graphics. They look top notch so I for one am really looking forward to 2k14 on my ps4.

  4. Let me start by saying… this next- gen gameplay trailer is crazy insane the graphics are dope they nailed every detailed Epic. but my only issues concerning the gameplay I just saw. but been saw was the fact that they made the players small like current gen I'm disappointed. b/c this game supposed to be different from current gen & on top of that it's supposed to be the next generation sole. they have the technology to make the gameplay just like all the footage they been showing Smh.

  5. 2K is wrong for making current gen gameplay the same for next-gen it should have been different. they master the top notch graphics I wanted to see that same effort for gameplay bad move on 2K part next generation sole. the footage I saw of Nick Young was terrible they made him look like current gen weak. but other than that it's a 1,000 times better than NBA LIVE 14 period.

  6. As a long time 2k fan, I'm surprised that so many people are okay with this. Did the graphics phase you that much that you can't see the exact similarities between this and current gen?

  7. People expected too much for the next gen and the trailer were miss leading because even though graphics were better compared to current gen, it wasn't as realistic as we though.

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