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Mark Cerny on Crash Bandicoot, Knack, And PS4's Development

The system architect for the PlayStation 4 and creative director on Knack talks about his long history in the industry and what he has learned along the way.

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  1. Not it's official mascot? Well what the hell guys! Wasn't Crash Bandicoot being a mascot for Sony one of his creation purposes that the creator's wanted him to be? If so then why do people and even Cerny himself have to decline Crash's icon for Sony? Geez..

  2. See his philosophies on Knack? Yeah sure it is boring and monotonous but it was designed as a throwback to the N64 and PS1 platformers which if you play today w/o the nostalgia glasses would be monotonous fetch quests, etc. Probably with the exception of Conker lol.

  3. Just went back and played Crash Team Racing. Blows Mario kart 8s sock off. It's the most fun I've had playing a kart racer in single player.

  4. Why do they have to make crash bandicoot. If they did a complete remake of an old crash bandicoot. Just with better graphics and little changes I'd buy it. Even if it was on Nintendo or Xbox. Just saying…

  5. This was recommended now….? But Sony is really lucky to have a guy like Mark in their team. He knows his stuff, he really knows what works and what doesnt

  6. Funny enough 10:18 the PS5 event was called Project Nimble . Has Mark Cerny nearly reached his goal for this by making the PlayStation 5 ? He may have predicted the future for this lol . I am still glad from the games you made that I grew up with like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot . You made some damn good memorable games . One of the best hard workers at Sony

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