King of the Castle! – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Where better for Kevin VanNord to kick off killing than Sjel Blad Castle, complete with mechanical dwarven equipment, better weapons, and auto spell casting!

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  1. Is Forouth a friendly dragon? One of the dovas who fought for the mortals during the Dragon War? Does he have a back story? Can you summon or ride him? What happens if someone attacks him?

  2. hey about the sjel blad castle you should have showed the armory theres enough manikins in there to showcase all of the armor in skyrim not to mention duplicates

  3. I usually hate castles because they always seem to be broken huge things that would waste my time because I RP and my characters wouldn't fit in one, but maybe just maybe I'll make a character for the castle.

  4. You have a like the size of that freaking castle from me to whoever built this and to you guys who showed us this display of awesomness.The next he should add is a spellmaking altar(also a mod).

  5. Better shaped weapons gives you the meshes for dual sheath redux.
    A sheath for the left weapon when dual wielding.
    But you need to install DSR itself after every weapon pack you install.

  6. You need youtube becuase you cant make it on TV with gamespot . Look at your own videos and you see why . Look at brodual . he focuses on 1 thing and is good at it .

  7. If the Dawnguard fort could be modded well(at least clean out the webs, make it look a bit more lively and good either a ways into the questline or after killing Harkon), this I think would be a pretty good choice 🙂

  8. So fare watching the mod show im surprised that no one has made AIs in citys that actually use the roads like i know you get a small group here and there but eventually it gets a little like umm okay whats going on like for example riverrun people can actually walk to whiterun for like what ever like if they need knew supplies or new hours (dont know abbreviation sorry) or need new live stock it always seems they are a bit constricted they can also try and use more health just in case or even totally different AIs added that can walk around also with the new DLCs it seems they are lacking snow elfs like (!!!!SPOILER!!!) at the end of a DLC dawnguard a snow elf takes and says something along the lines of i may explore skyrim and possibly find more snow elfs in hiding in some caves

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