Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD Launch Trailer

Castlevania Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD is now available on Playstation Network and Xbox Live.

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  1. Aaaw! Aren't you precious 😀 Your a little cliched troll trying to troll. Would the itty bitty little troll like a little mutton? I love how you say what every single 12 year old says: "Kew Sowy Brow!" It's almost like I care..well, not really, nor anyone for that matter, LMFAO!

  2. Umm, no, I'm not stupid. Why should I pay $200 for something with a feature I hate when I can get the same thing for $80 less in the same hardware that doesn't have the gimmicky feature I don't want to pay for? Are you stupid or something?

  3. Do not buy this game i repeat do not buy this game it's the worst game I've ever played Fuck this game and the piece of shit the 3ds

  4. Yes! Can't wait to get the collection. The HD Mirrors of Fate, the first with all the dlc,and the demo for the sequel winning baby winning.

  5. The original was the series' most successful so now Konami feels the need to stick the subtitle on every game in the continuity even when the game doesn't have any Lords of Shadows in it. It's almost as dumb a misnomer as 'Arkham Origins'.

  6. is this why lord of shadows 2 was delayed? jesus we could of had the sequel out by now if not for this dumb port but then again i could be wrong with all of this

  7. I've heard similar things before…well I'm hoping that my wishes are enough to make them correct any issues and make it fun on the big screen…if not it'll get deleted like a few other games have been before (as well as sold used for disc). Seriously, I'm hoping this adds, (somehow), to LoS 2.

  8. For 15 dollars, you can't go wrong with this game. I spent 40 when it launched for 3DS, and I still think that it was worth it.

  9. it was looks on the 3DS Good .. just Good, 
    but when i saw it on HD ! i said Damn , is this really what the 3DS can do ??
    .. the Reselotion of the 3DS doesn't show the real quality of the games,

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