Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – Dracula's Vengeance Trailer

Dracula is ready to deal his vengeance and embrace who he is in this trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

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  1. Blood Is Everything. 
     Lords Of Shadow is easily in my top 5 best series of all time and it most definitely has the best voice acting in a game period. Seeing as how this was the last Castlevania game by Mercury Steam however , I will miss not having a Lords of Shadow 3. I really liked Gabriel story and seeing him evolve into Dracula was amazing.

  2. The best things of this game: the powerfull characters design, the dubbing, the music, the cinematics.
    The worst things: the modern setting, the story, the ending.

  3. There are three things that really brought this game down in my eyes.
    1: The story pacing; the game mentions three Acolytes of Satan as your primary targets. But we spend at least half of the game focusing on dealing with the first one, the second one is kind of a pushover, and the third shows up just to die. The castle was neat, but ultimately there to pad out the game for the sake of power-ups.
    2: The stealth missions. The less said about these, the better.
    3: That ending. Ugh.
    It's late, I'm tired, I'm going to bed now.

  4. Congratulation Master Dracula, you had the capacity to return with your family and to rest the Best Lord of Shadow consilling good and evil to you. Because you Master and my love, your first son, Alucard are Gods. Continue your vengeance with your family and proved to the world that Patriarcat is always actual because we are immortals. Blood is family, blood is power, humans blood is food and of course, you are right, the blood is Everything. Gabriel Belmont and Trevor Belmont are died, now you are God Dracula and my love prince God Alucard, my immortal family with me, Soma and the others. You only decide all in this world.

  5. After watching the Netflix series I am praying these make a comeback in any form. Either remasters or new squeals

  6. i am and will be forever a thorn in his side, that is my vengence
    great dialogue when you think of it through and can actually understand him

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