Batman: Arkham Origins – Review

Carolyn finds out what its like to be a young Batman facing master assassins in Gotham City.

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  1. the problem with the review here is its basing this off of previous games rather then the game itself, in all fairness it is there review but another companey did make this so you should review the game itself and forget about old ones

  2. the multiplayer wasnt that bad. when it works it works great, and when it doesnt you really feel it. other than that though this game is an 8.8/10 the bugs are annoying and the first half of the story isnt that  intresting, but overall it lives up to the rocksteady legacy.

  3. Couldn't disagree more with this review and Roger Craig Smith is flat? Shut up he is the best Batman va after Kevin Conroy.

  4. When he said that you feel like a gotham city imposter online then thats totally bullshit, he probably sucks in predator if the heroes had more health they would be op, online is well balanced in origins

  5. I'm about 1/3 way through and I have to say this score is way off. This is a competent game with good story and is more of an 8 than this low ball 6 nonsense.

  6. 6 huh I guess rambo: the game also set the same standards as this game. Learned a lesson to never trust any GameSpot review from now on, because they can't review crap

  7. I think the combat system is a little faster then city. but I prefer city then origins but origins isn't that bad from what people say I really enjoy the story more then city and the graphics look really good.

  8. Arkham origins had a great story (maybe even better than Arkham city) and super graphics. I love City and now there is a better story, graphics and upgraded map. Maybe a little disappointing but still amazing!!!!

  9. This game was so frikin outstanding! I won't go as far to say that it was better than Arkham City, but it comes really, REALLY close. Like I gave arkham city a 10/10. So I'd give Origins a 9.8/10. The only reason I drop that .2 is simply because it felt like the gadgets were just reskinned gadgets from city. And yeah, we got some new gadgets like the concussion grenades and shock gloves, but none of them have that special wow factor that the gadgets had in City. But that is such a minor complaint. The game is so well done. Great Gameplay, amazing use of the batman charachters and Mythos, amazing Story, and insane amount of replayability. I can't stand it when people hate on this game. I understand people will like what they like, but they nitpick the stupidest things. Like this video. the guy said "The invisible predator lacks the inspiration that arkham city had" WTF does that mean? Seriously, This game is outstanding, and was one of my absolute favorite games of 2013.

  10. this was a very good game, these review sites are full of crap. So arkham city was great and this is more of the same thing… yet that makes this game suck? that makes no sense at all. yea its too much like arkham city which we praised, so therefore orgins sucks because logic. If this game had a rocksteady sticker on the front it would have been praised. it was not given a chance from the get go because it was from wb. oh well their loss this was a fun game.

  11. Lol seriously, this beats city, it makes you feel like The Dark Knight, plus you get a couple of batsuits even without DLCs. Scoring a game on predecessors? You deserve to be disliked. Unfair review. Also, great story, but you glossed over that.

  12. Arkham Origins did lots of things right that ARKHAM KNIGHT did not !! it has the best boss battles in the series, good side missions, a really good story that actually makes sense ! ( where arkham knight majorly failed ) . In Origins the investigation sequences were awesome, especially the one in Lacey Towers, it told an interesting story that wasn't clear at the beginning. Origins had an amazing section where batman infiltrates the GCPD server rooms which allows him to complete and gain a better understanding of the murder that happened at Lacey Towers, it provided a sense of mystery and meaningful purpose ( again where arkham knight majorely failed) . Origins explained why bane and villains like firefly were present, it was a way better set up than arkham knight where other villains are present just to "distract" batman from scarecrow's boring unauthentic plan.

    Origins had a traditional old looking gotham straight from the comics that felt alive ! unlike arkham knight which went for a modern day booring lifeless gotham with limited iconic locations.

    Predictable game ??? the twist in Origins was waaay bettter and way surprising than arkham knight's ( which btw wasn't even a twist , because it was soo predictable )

    fuck this review, play arkham origins and see what I mean

  13. A 6/10? Perhaps GameSpot should've chosen someone else to review Arkham Origins. Someone who actually knows what they're talking about and isn't blowing smoke.

  14. I loved the story,gameplay (stealth and combat) and the gliding etc, my only complaint is how dead and uninspired the open world is.

    8/10 [Great Game]

  15. Lol this guy is taking a beating in the comment section.
    But to be fair… He makes some really good points. There really isn't anything new about this game. It was like a really good cover band covering a great song.
    Problem I have is… That doesnt make it a bad game.
    Respect to the reviewer for making a great case for his opinions but this review makes it sound like a bad game. It isn't.
    It's still the 4th best Arkham game, even though its not "really" andArkham game. But its not a bad game.
    Hard not to have fun playing it.

  16. 64 bit on PC as opposed to 32 but City. 30-120% higher framerate than city. City had better upgrade autonomy but not a huge deal. People like the voice acting but I prefer Conroy. Voice acting not bad though.

  17. I honestly don’t understand the hate on this game. I gave Arkham City a 10/10. Origins is no lower then a 8.5 out of 10. The only thing that held it back from being another 10 out of 10 is the lack of side missions in my opinion. This game is a borderline 9 out of 10. If you loved Arkham city, you’ll love this game too.

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