The Evil Within – Extended Gameplay Trailer [GRAPHIC]

Take a look at this extended gameplay video for The Evil Within, slated for release in 2014.

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  1. i dont know whats more horrifying the tension and sense of dismay i felt just from watching gameplay and not playing it myself or the graphics. game looks like shit… however…. its looks terrifying… i cant wait to get my hands on this

  2. (Note: This opinion is based on what i've seen so far. I've skipped alot to not spoil too much so correct me if I'm wrong) Where the F did all of this go? This let's play shows a game much more interesting and well done than for example the part/demo Pewdiepie was playing. I'm confused 🙁

  3. It blows my mind how many people think this is a "ripoff" of Outlast. Horror games borrow and take things from other horror games. You all realize Outlast was just a "ripoff" of Amnesia, which was the same style of game, yet came out three years before. 

    I loved playing Outlast, but when I first bought it and started it up, it was, "Wow, they copied the style of horror that Amnesia made popular."

  4. So let me get this straight. He chaces him with a chainsaw, catch up to him at the perfect time and place where he just happen to have a pedal next to him that activates a trap and inside the trap  there are these huge machines that are buildt for tearing people apart? Convenient.
    To be honest I gotta say that the last of us never relied upon cheap thrills but it kinda looks like this game use all the horror-clichés and cheap thrills there is. The problem with that is when you replay it and its not scary anymore. Resident evil 1,2 and 3 is so much better. Not so sure Im gonna buy this. 

  5. Please someone help me out. At the Perth house or whatever I was helping out a doctor looking for his patient, also two zombies did not come out from behind the curtain and it was an invisible zombie something, and then the door dissapeared so I couldn't go back up to see the horde of zombies breaking in. Is there a difference on platforms or idk. I have this on ps4 cause its the way to go and I play it on a Sony 4k TV and the graphics are phenomenal compared to this video if that answers someone's question. But why did I not experience the same events?

  6. Can someone please help me out I'm trying to find N awesome multiple player zombie game for my xbox 360. I'm new at playing video games but I want a really awesome game with a lot of shooting blood and scary. HELP

  7. Fuck Outlast this game was much better than that other bull, this game has way more action than Outlast including the whistle blower DLC, and the ending to this game (THE EVIL WITHIN) had an outstanding ending, just my opinion, so don't compare it to Outlast because they're both different

  8. This game is not scary at all its cool relly i wonder why i dont get scard anymore mmm i guss im not 4 anymore im 14 hahahahahahahahayay😈 hehe lol just kiding😎

  9. Anyone understand how the different scenes were created? When I played through everything wasn't as torn down as when he walked outta the building. As well as, I fell through a trapdoor running away from Mr chainsaw instead of running through one

  10. Its ironic IGN gave outlast a 7.8 score and it gave The Evil Within 8.7 I don't know why all the hate The Evil Within was my favorite survival horror game despite how crappy it looks sometimes. I love the protagonists journey and how it starts off insignificant but then attracts all the attention of the antagonist by pissing him off because he just wont die.

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