Shadow Warrior – PC Launch Trailer

Take a look a the launch trailer for Shadow Warrior, now available for the PC.

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  1. Your vocabulary speaks A LOT for your intelligence sir I'm no white knight I'm something that you will never be, A MAN A real man because I do treat women with respect just the same as men.

    Lastly & most importantly I told you this before did I say in the game or any game??? no I said general speaking wise a video game is a video game regardless a virtual world aka not real, What I was talking about is in the real world which you obviously do not live in.

  2. Oh! I Yeah I heard about that "politically correct" thing. What's the point of remaking Shadow Warrior if you're going to make it Politically Correct???!
    I hate this world…We're just making huge steps backward..

  3. I'm a gamer, i don't do fan boy stuff.. If i like the game, i like it.. if i don't like it, i don't.. It's the first time i played this and enjoy it to the max ;).

  4. Sorry SW3 newcomers, but this is what Shadow Warrior really looks like, not that bunch of weird circus madness.

  5. I suspect this game will always be underappreciated, and that's truly sad. It achieved everything DOOM 2016 did except it did it three years sooner. Yet it didn't get even a third of the praise and recognition. It's total bullshit. Nevermind. At least it was successful enough to warrant two sequels. Roll on Shadow Warrior 3. I'm yearning for some more Wang!

  6. Now that I finally have a gaming desktop, and no longer have to worry about a Dell from 2007 or so, I've been catching up on what I've missed. I just finished this. Shadow Warrior is a reboot done very, very right!

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