Final Fantasy XV – TGS 2013 Japanese Trailer

Check out this Japanese trailer from TGS 2013 for Final Fantasy XV.

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  1. this the last time i get lied like this,everything about the actual game was shit from the story to the fucking gameplay which isn't what i've expected when i saw that trailer years ago.Everything has been changed,replaced like the intro song during the trailer was so dope but later on replaced with a stupid love song like what the fuck!! this game was supposed to be darker like in this trailer….even some of the behemoth fighting cut scenes in demo have been removed from the actual game….what a shame! even the swords summoning and the fight looks flashy and COOL AF let alone the Leviathan battle…..paying money for this mess is the last thing that happen to me i was so excited i rushed to the game shop i wish i waited for reviews but damn Hype was too REAL, i would have never spent money on that shit..never…

  2. They should've opened up altisia more, the leviathan fight actually looked intense and fun.

    That was the biggest thing fueling my hype was how in the hell you were gonna battle this gargantuan monster. Even more exciting than that was to think what bahamut would look like.

    Boy was that ever anti-climactic…

  3. man altissia gameplay looked so fun in here, I was constantly looking forward to this section when I was on Altissia, just to discover it was cut out…..

  4. I am sad we will never get this game. A game I was following for a long long time.

    What we got was good, but this looks like a masterpiece.

    All good tho SE, FF7R was amazing 😀

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