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We reviewed Grand Theft Auto V recently, giving it a very impressive 9/10. This made a lot of our community furious, and Johnny has a thing or two to say about it.

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  1. Oh do fuck off Gamespot. No gender, nation, race, religion, community or stereotype escaped intact from GTA 5's humor, and your reviewer spent half the review talking about just one of those things and everything else she seemed to like. It reeked of a personal complex.

    And enough with the "9 IS A HIGH SCORE SO SHUT UP"… you work in decimals or used to and I've seen some of the other games that got 9.0 and it's a farce GTA5 was put in the same league, especially for distasteful content in a game of that nature.

    Cherry-pick the most blatantly stupid comments and take your sarcastic moral high-ground all you want, you embarrassed yourselves with that review.

  2. Alright I have a couple of problems with this, I understand some of the comments posted on that review were absurd and you can give a game whatever score you please, but on the grounds for which she gave it are just silly. There isn't a single positive male role model in the game nor is there a single female one thats the point. The whole game is a satire of modern America it's not like it's condoning sexism, and also the whole idea of receiving negative feedback on your video and then just going no fuck this and making a video of your own to combat the feedback and present a completely biased and one sided argument like some upset teenage girl just shows how childish people are on both sides of the argument. Have a discussion about the feedback and challenge some comments sure, but throwing a tantrum is not the right thing to do.

  3. It's one thing to criticize a game for being supposedly misogynistic (How I hate that fucking buzzword), it's a whole other avenue when the reviewer conveniently ignores that noone in GTA gets away from being ridiculed. This includes people of all forms and colors, the disabled, the elderly, the rich, the poor etc.
    Rockstars doesn't really give a flying fuck what you think about them, especially if your opinion is as hypocritical as your reviewers.  

    That being said: People are losing their shit over a 9 out of 10. That is pretty sad.

  4. I agree completely, my views on Gamespot have changed greatly as a result of calling out bullshit when they see it, I am SO glad that the review mentioned misogyny, I hope Carolyn is doing well. 

  5. Reviews should represent the opinion of the reviewer but it should be kept in mind that it is a review of a commercial product and the point should be an assessment of the quality of the product to inform potential consumers of the product.  The reviewer's opinion is not invalidated by this notion and they should obviously not be attacked for stating their opinion when you can simply disagree with them.  That being said it's pretty rich coming from Game Spot telling people not to punish reviewers for making the "wrong" assessment after that whole Jeff Gerstmann debacle.

  6. Target has officially banned the game in its shops in Australia for misogyny and its portrayal of violence on women. Personally I found the torture scenes worse but apparently that was acceptable in their eyes. Seems like there's one rule for women and another for men and that is something I find unacceptable

  7. Unsubscribed. AHAHAHHA 😀 "We HAVE to be politically correct!", GTA is been politically incorrect from the star of the whole series, now because Carolyn Petit is offended it means is a less good game? No wonder IGN has 5 times more viewers. And what about this hipster that seems to have taken the cause so personally that he want(ed) to close his program, a suggestion: do it. It is not that great.

  8. I dunno GS, a bit late sure, but there are women working for the FIB, CIA, and are high end controllers/agents. A lot of you guys (GameSpot and Feminist Freq) seem to forget nearly every GTA game has had extremely powerful and profound female roles, GTA3 you relied on two women who controlled the ENTIRE second city to actually bridge into it. They could have had you killed or dismantled at any point in time.

    Another thing is, the game advertises several men and women as the idealistic gorgeous, successful, amazing form! But once you hit the game you realize the majority of people are broken, average, morons, unsuccessful and jokes in of themselves. The men are extremely unstable and just… Pathetic, the women flounder just as badly and awfully. There are of course men AND women who are on the strong side of things who almost live up to that ideal! But they have awful and glaring flaws.

    Its a game that satires our ideals of perfect, it absolutely shows everyone and everything in a bad light, even the strippers are made to not be attractive for the most point, some old and I mean I was shocked my friend spent fifteen hours in there when they weren't even designed to be attractive!

    Sure a lot of people are stupid and go on about how this issue has no place in gaming, but GameSpot, you got to admit, you guys have blinders on and ABSOLUTELY ignore anything negative towards the feminist freq. camp. You guys and gals blindly accept and eat up the shit that say, Anita, just vomit and spew out… You never support anything either side says with statistics, facts, or even investigative journalism and focus on nothing but tropes!

    You guys literally are no better than the extremist knee-jerk gamer's gate buffoons who are completely blind to the other camp. This is a game mocking how shitty things are in real life, and it has an equal part of trepidation and mocking of the makes in the series… That you can't see that is simply willful blindness to prove your point. Sorry GameSpot & Feedbackula, but you are part of the problem.

  9. I remember this episode lol. I never saw such madness because a review in my entire life. This GTA 5 is not perfect dont deserve a 10. Is clearly a 9/10 game. Second he is wrong about something! People can comment whatever they want, even insults and so on, when you are public deal with it, or just fired yourself and go work to another place if you cant handle it simple as that. Carol also did a really bad job reviewing this game. Thats why she piss off many people. She criticize things about GTA doesn't make sense at all. Its the same thing as saying things like "mortal kombat have to much blood" or "burnout have to much destruction and accidents and dont respect the rules about driving"!!! LOL. She really made a awful job in this review, she deserve to be fired after this thing. Be clear i am not saying the game dont deserve a 9, i am saying many arguments in the review dont make any sense. When you are a critic you need to make sense about what you are criticizing. Dont say things about GTA like "no room for woman they are hookers, and so on". For god shake this is GTA, is all about controversy LOL. Thats why she piss many people off, arguments dont make sense in the review.

  10. So in other words you make a show about poking fun at people's comments while stating that people who poke fun at other people's comments is wrong. Hmm

  11. Bravo and thank you so much for your intergity! It takes courage to not …Sorry english isn't my mother tongue so I follow in french, even if you dont get a word 😀 Merci infiniment de montrer que vous ne vous écrasez pas face à la masse qui crie à la haine (de type foule enragée, des torches et des fourches à la main!), qui pourtant est censé être votre cible et que vous seriez censé garder comme "suiveurs"! Au contraire, vous amenez de la conscience, pourtant si logique, mais qui semble se perdre… Un peu de sens éthique/critique/politique/moral dans ce monde de frustrés attachés à leurs identifications, limités à leur petite bulle… Comme si ils risquaient leur vie et qu'il devaient absolument attaquer, parce que cette petite bulle avait risquée d'être éraflée… Damn!

  12. As we all know, fragile white men really hate it when they get proven wrong.

    Hell yeah, I would rather not see GTA try to be that elightened centrist… Really badly

  13. johnny whateverhisnameis… now famously known from twitter, and probably still not getting why people were angry… pfff

  14. Coming back to this video 8 years later and unfortunately we are in a worse place. Maybe not specifically for Gamespot, but definitely on the internet as a whole.

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