Do we need 4K? – Reality Check

This week cam takes on the resolution revolution and investigates if we really need those extra pixels offered by 4K displays.

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  1. It may be true that less given a certain distance pixels will just blend together but having more pixels to play with along with HDR in the future will allow a lot more color and contrast to be shown. A lot more than with a 1080p monitor due to it having a 1/4 of the number of pixels to display said color. It may not make a massive difference now but it will in the future if it hasn't already.

  2. 4k resolution has been an early adaptors nightmare. First panels were only hdmi 1.4, then we got 60hz but at 4.2.0 chroma and bad input lag, then as soon as they go 4.4.4 chroma we get HDR next. what "new" feature will come next?

  3. like + subscribe for your honesty …. i think many companies try to hide PPI info from constumers ……. because hight PPI need hight manfacturing technologie ……… for me i prefer 23-24 ips inch 4k monitors for pc (about 183-187 ppi)

  4. Short answer: no
    Long answer: no at all

    Its marketing bullshit. 4k was designed for HD cinemas. You know, that screens with 10 meters width…

  5. Oh shit, I have just spend 25k on the best 4K television and suddenly my games, including the shit ones are so much more playable, wow 4K really makes a shit game playable.  Are we talking about a difference between black and white TV vs Colour TV, nope so fuck that gimmick shit call 4k where is 3D TV now??
    Why can’t these dodgy manufactures doesn’t focus on 20k of 1000k where you can see a REAL difference between that and 1080p instead of staging the technology and catch out the silly consumers that thinks this is the best thing since slice bread.  I thought 3D was the next evolution, where is that today? I started wearing my 3D glasses as sun shades.

  6. I feel that 4k good for splitscreen multiplayer gaming on a 50+ inch television but not so useful for a 18-30 inch on singleplayer.

  7. Here from 2017 and yes we need 4k, 4k monitors are only 300 dollars now and a gpu to push 60fps ultra only costs 700 dollars now. In 1-2 years 4k will become mainstream.

  8. for me its 720 1080 4K the same day to day bases its the same plus i only Laught at dose who buy 4 K Media becouse its "Better"

  9. It's here, whether we need it or not.

    For me, there are three real-world benefits of 4K and higher resolutions, and they're not because those extra pixels make the video on your TV look so much better.

    1) Cameras that shoot in 4K provide more latitude for editing 1080p content. I have personally taken advantage of this cropping ability when editing video shot in 4K.

    2) HDR. This is not really because of those extra pixels, but HDR technology has grown up alongside 4K and is being included in 4K TVs. Of course, if you don't get a TV without local dimming, you're not really experiencing HDR.

    3) Screen real estate on computer monitors for multitasking. Now one 4K monitor can replace up to four 1080p monitors as long as you leave the display scaling at 100%, and you get a big enough screen. That's with no bezels in between, one power cable, and one video cable.

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