Could GTA V train you to kill? – Reality Check

Cam investigates if gunfire heavy video games like GTA V could actually train you to shoot people in real life.

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  1. this test is flawed. did they check if these people have shot guns before? some people could have more training then others, resulting in greater accuracy and precision.

  2. I think that the recoil pattern in BF3/4 is quite accurate to real life weapons.(not the spreed thow). Gunning at somewhat close range some of the skill transferses. At least with pistols and sub machinguns. Talking about markmanship, sure, than there is probably very little transferring. But ruining.. well at least walking, and gunning is the most common types of shooting crime. People how use marksman rifle and shoot people is very uncommon.

    Sure, there is no real true simulation shooter out there, and its kind of boring. But its also hard to make a gun replica that use real recoil. Its quite a lot easier to make simulated recoil in a mouse&keyb environment.

    I´m not a pro gunner, but still when using a firearme with no optics my aim is more limited to eye-sight than skill.

    Using high powered optics, sure, then my skill is lacking, but also, using optics, usually only fire one bullet at a time, so recoil management is a smaller issue.

    To me.. of cause, i´m not that skilled. A well balanced weapon with a straight recoil  makes a lot more differences than hours of real gun training.

    So running and gunning, choosing a good gun and you can get away with very little training. choosing a bad gun and you are kind of screwed.

    Modern shoters don´t make the best platform on chosing guns. Most games are made for best balance, not the highest degree of realism.

  3. Look… We are never gonna hear the end of games vs IRL violence. People are gonna believe whatever the fuck they want to. Just look at creationists. 

  4. No.  It can train you to shoot.  Your question insinuates that people who are marksmen are killers.  Playing FPS games didn't really train me to kill.  Six years in the Marines did that :p

  5. One of the biggest arguments that seems to have been missed here is that of morality. Most people have a moral aversion to hurting or killing other people, and that serves as a larger barrier than just how to use a firearm. There's a major difference between a virtual person and a real one.

  6. I have participated in real life sharpshooting, which means I am trained to kill people? The media outlets twisting this study are idiotic. It takes so much more to actually make someone go from firing a weapon, simulated or not, to ending a human life. There are so many neurological and psychological safeguards that have to be broken down by neural dysfunction, delusion, psychosis, cultism, moral justification, fear, self-preservation, protective instinct, or something similar to that in order to cause someone to kill.

  7. This is part of the reason why Kirito of Sword Art Online was so good with a sword, sort of, when he came back to the real world. The Nerve Gear did things much different than the gun controller. There! That's my $0.02!

  8. ..and what if games train people to kill? It's not like every country were to train tons of soldiers to kill every year, for purposes.. ohh wait.. they do. Now than, if every man or woman can join the army, and train to be a marksman, than whats the difference if i do? ..and i dont care of bullshit like they are defense forces, or they are registered. If someone wants to kill someone, than he will do with a spoon, or a knife, or with a gooddamn brick. It's not the skills that make my choices, its not the instict that make your choices, its you who make the choices.
    Alas, i hate raging womans who want to put down video games because they are violent, because fuck 'em, life is so friendly and peacefull, that gooddamn game gonna make me violent.

  9. "Any video game that involves a lot of shooting", so if people claim that games with a lot of shooting train you to kill, then the Touhou games must be pretty good trainers for those murders.

  10. I play a couple of shooting games.

    Watch_Dogs,Gta San Andreas and IV, Left 4 dead 2
    But then I went on a family trip to a place that had skeet shooting, I told myself "might as well have a big memory with my family" so I went skeet shooting, and I supprised myself, getting 5/5 in the stationary targets and 3/5 in the thrown targets, and a person threw the disk, not a predicable machine.

  11. What about lightguns? Some of them have recoil and those Namco lightguns are absurd!(ly wonderful.) The zapper is a poor choice of testing material when there are things like the xbox lightrifle on the market… or was, in that last case.

  12. when it comes to shooting games, it has almost no effect what so ever. But if you look at the more physical based combat games like the assassin creed series, then yes they do train you to kill because in some cases you can use house hold objects to an advantage.
    (they don't train in free running)

  13. Games may desensitize the weak minded to a state of willingness to violence, but not give someone real life skills. And anyone with a normal mind, not someone with some mental disorder, would not translate such violence from video games into there lives. 

  14. Not really unless you're holding a gun the millitary actually uses games like duck hunting as simulators if you know the difference between a game and reality it shouldn't matter. Some people leave this part out it's fantasy violence for a reason I think kids shouldn't play this unless they're Mature enough to handle it. NOW if you use a realistic gun as an installed joystick for the guns and ammunition then it would be a gun simulator. AGAIN It sounds like people wanna remove this if you know what's real and what's not it should be fine and left alone.

  15. Of course not… Think about this.
    How many bullets do you eat in GTAV and walk away shooting back…
    IRL it takes ONE.

    The study goes from a video simulation… to a range simulation…

  16. What video games ever done for me was give me a quicker reaction time, better hand eye coordination, and the ability to better remain calm under stressful, high pressure situations.
    All these things I picked up from video games but was able to apply them to real life situations.

    Besides saying that such games can train me to kill is like saying if I play a lot of NASCAR I can be just as good a racer as Jeff Gordan in real life, none of that makes any sort of fucking sense and only dogmatic dipshits with an agenda would try to peddle such a thing off on people as the truth.

    I for one love to shoot guns both in games and real life, but only at inanimate objects. Put me in front of an inanimate object and I will be able to shoot it no problem but put a living thing in front of me it would be a different story. I do not even hunt cause I could never bring myself to shoot a deer. I would gladly give up deer venison if it meant I would have to be the one to shoot them if its the only way I could obtain it.

  17. If you really want to find a game that will teach you loads and loads and loads about how guns work etc? Go play arma 3. There you learn how to zero. Use mildots etc. You learn a lot of weapon recoils & patterns of irl. You learn how they work in real life. What they are capable of. What ammo they use. Damage drop. Bullet drop. and sooo much more. With some tweeks you can with ease also include weather

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